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Christmas Present Wrapping Fails ~ Blogmas Day 16

Published December 17, 2017 by I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything

Hey guys.


I have decided that that this has not been my week for Christmas wrapping. Why?


Well, Firstly, I got my friend this box of chocolates for Christmas. Then, as I’m about to wrap them… I step on it… oops! I had to get a new box because the one I got was smushed! (Also, I didn’t enjoy eating all of those chocolates, thank you very much!)


Number 2.

So, I have my present bag on the floor by my tree, then, as I go to sit in a chair, I fell over the bag of Christmas presents, almost smushing all of these presents!


Number 3.

I then moved said bag of presents under my chair so that I wouldn’t accidentally step on them. Then, somehow, I fall off my chair, which ends up with the chair getting pushed backwards and me nearly smashing all the presents! Again!



Do you have any wrapping fails? Let me know in the comments below!


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 🎅



10’Things To Do On A Rainy December Day ~ Blogmas Day 15

Published December 17, 2017 by I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything



Today, I’m giving you some inspo for what to do on the next rainy day!


1. Start a blog.

Blogs are fun! Start one for yourself! You can do all the cool customising stuff whilst it’s raining.


2. Write a blog post…

… on that new blog that you just created.


3. Do some baking.

Make something that you can eat.


4. Make something.

(Check out DIY Queen Tabi for some inspo!)


5. Paint your nails.

Always a winner.


6. Go online shopping.

The joys of shopping without having to leave your home!


7.’Read a book.

This is my personal fave. (I’m currently reading undercover princess and it’s amazing!)


8. Practice a makeup look.

Test out anything you want! When it’s raining and I don’t plan on going out, I practice trying to get a *reasonably* good cat eye.


9. Watch a Christmas film.

Snuggle up in your cozy blanket with your hot chocolate and watch the holiday.


10. Draw something.

Even if it turns out really bad. In my free time, I like to draw mandalas.


What do you do when it’s raining?


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 🎅

What’s In My Uke Bag ~ Blogmas Day 13

Published December 14, 2017 by I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything

Hey Guys!

Today I’ll be revealing what’s in my Uke bag. Let’s get into it.

So, this is my case.

When you open it, you will see a mahalo gig bag with my yellow U-Smile Uke inside it. I have the Mahalo bag because it acts as a kind of dust cover.

I also keep my chord book in here.

Now onto the pocket.

Firstly i have a notebook and some sheets with music and chords and stuff on it.

Next I have some spare strings.

And a clip on neck strap.

And some picks.

So, that’s it really. Would you like to see a what’s in my sax bag? Let me know in the comments below!

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5 Minute Fruit Crumble

Published December 13, 2017 by I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything

Blogmas Day 13 ~ new post on my baking blog! Dessert!

I Bake A Little Bit Of Everything

This recipe is perfect for a delicious crumble ~ the perfect dessert for the Christmas season!

So, grab your apron and let’s get baking!

You will need:

  • Plain flour 120g
  • Caster sugar 70 g
  • Butter/ margarine 60g
  • Fruit of choice
  • Dish


  1. In a mixing bowl, rub the flour and margarine together, making sure that there are no lumps.
  2. Add most of the sugar (leaving some for sprinkling) into the mix.
  3. Chop the fruit.
  4. Place in the dish, coating the top with the crumble mix that you prepared earlier.
  5. Sprinkle with sugar.
  6. Bake in the oven at 180°c for approximately 25 minutes

Voila! Easy as 1,2,3! (4,5,6)

I Bake A Little Bit Of Everything 🍰

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I Got My Top Braces And Spacers ~ Blogmas Day 12

Published December 12, 2017 by I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything

Hey Guys!


So, today, I got my top braces on!


So, I went to my orthodontist at like 9:50 this morning. I went in on time, but there were complications.


So, you know I said about that dodgy tooth that had to come out? Yeah, well we rang my dentist about it and they were like “no, we haven’t heard anything “. So, the tooth didn’t come out.


Up to this appointment, I was stressing that I wasn’t going to get them on. But, thankfully, when I got to my orthodontist, he was just like, “So, we’ll put the brackets onto your top teeth, missing out the tooth that has to come out. Then we’ll put on this temporary wire. Then, when the other tooth comes out, we’ll put a proper wire on it.”


So, what they do is, they put this thing in your mouth that holds your lips open, then they suck out the moisture. Then they apply glue to your teeth to hold the brackets in place. Next they use this light to like dry the glue. Then they put in the wires and add your chosen colour of band (I chose pink)


then… I got spacers (dun dun DUNNNNNN!!!!!) So, these are to make space for the back wire. I’ll do another post when these come out.


Do you have braces? Let me know in the comments below!


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