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Huge Haul! Books, Beauty, Clothes & More!

Published July 22, 2017 by I Blog


So, today I am doing a huge haul from The Works, Superdrug, Waterstones, The Lego Shop, WHSmiths, Boots, Claire’s Accessories, Monsoon and some music shops. So, I went on a bit of a shopping spree! 😂😂😂


So, let’s get into it!



Let’s start with The Works!


So, firstly, I got some green slimes! I got one for me and one for my cousin. They were £3 each.


Then I got 3 magic crystal sets. Each were £3. One is for me, one is for my cousin and one is for my other cousin.


I aso also got some Tangfastics – yum!


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TYONI You Don’t Have Netflix

Published July 9, 2017 by I Blog

Heyo! Just to let you know, TYONI means






1) If you want to watch something, you either have to search for it on TV or buy it on DVD.


2) Finales air later for you, so…


3) Shows are spoiled! (I have been avoiding certain people to avoid the chat about the PLL Finale! – Which I haven’t seen!)


4) People keep asking you why you don’t have Netflix.


5) Then you say “because I don’t.”

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Camera accessories Haul – Camera Mondays Episode 13

Published May 22, 2017 by I Blog

Hello my Lovelies!

Today I have a camera accessories haul!

First things first, my Canon camera bag. I got this for Christmas from Grandma blogs. Thank you!

This bag has a main pocket with dividers and a sub pocket, and a front pocket.

It has a shoulder strap, but also a hip strap in the compartment at the back.

So, let’s take a look.

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Fidget Cube Review

Published April 30, 2017 by I Blog

Heyy. This is my Fidgit Cube review and unboxing!


You can purchase here



I think this is a fake, but I’m not sure. I thought it was real when I bought it, but then I  found out that a real one is $25 and this one was £7. However, I am not sure. If anyone knows the answer, please leave it in the comments below!


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FitBit Alta Review

Published April 16, 2017 by I Blog

Hi again!


So, I bought a FitBit Alta about 2 month ago. I got it in the colour plum and size small.


I love this this as I think it does a dandy job! I got the Alta because I loved the fact that it has a screen but that it wasn’t as bulky as a Charge 2.


I think that that this model is lovely and slim and goes with just about anything. The straps are also interchangeable. It is very chic and stylish.


However, this model is easy to scratch and I have a few dents in my screen. However, this can be expected as I am the clumsiest. Person. On. The. Planet! Also, I feel that it doesn’t always accurately track my steps.


But, I love this. It motivates me. To move. To exercise. To lose weight. I’ve found that all I really needed to Commit To Get Fit is some solid motivation!

I would recommend this FitBit to anyone!


Do you own a FitBit? Let me know in the comments below!

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Sphero Force Band Review

Published March 26, 2017 by I Blog


Hey guys! This revie is following last weeks BB-8 review, so enjoy!


This is the Force Band. It is made by Sphero for BB-8.


There are 3 games that you can play;

  1. Control your droid
  2. Combat Training
  3. Holocrons


You can control your BB-8 with this Force Band. The app gives you plenty of instructions. You do this with a Force push and you can pull BB-8 back to you and guide him from side to side. You know if you’ve done it right because the Force Band will make a noise. However, the only downside is that the Force Band doesn’t always recognise my movements, so sometimes I have to repeat a movement several times to get BB-8 to move. ☹️


I think that the combat training is alright, but you can’t do anything unless you have weapons in the armoury. So, I don’t really see the point of the Combat Training. You have to mimic the movements shown on the screen of the app to use your weapons to fight the dark side. The only thing that may be a problem is that you have to manually change your weapon in the app and if you are out and about playing with the Force Band, you’d have to stop playing, select an new weapon and start playing again.


I really love the Holocrons because I am a collector and it’s fun to collect all of the different items.  However, this can be very time consuming. Like reallllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy timmmmeeeeeeee conssssssuuuuummmmiiiiiinnnnnggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes, it only takes 5 seconds, sometimes it takes 5 minutes, sometimes it takes 55! There is no telling! However, I was sooooo happy when I caught Chewbacca!

This is the app. It is enabled by Bluetooth. The app is very helpful.You can learn how to control your droid, view your weapons in your Armoury and see your Holocron collection in your Holocron vault.

I honestly wouldn’t recommend this Force Band if you don’t have a BB-8, but if you do, buy it, buy it now! It is soooooooo cool!


Force Band:


BB-8 Force Band set:


Last weeks post:


Do you have a Force Band? Let me know in the comments below!


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Sphero BB-8 Review

Published March 19, 2017 by I Blog

Hey guys!


Today I’m writing a review of the Sphero BB-8 droid. This droid is controlled by the BB-8 app of the Sphero Force Band.

My cousin received this droid for Christmas and I was playing with it with him and I fell in love with it.

I bought one in January with my birthday money and I’ve fallen in love with him!


You charge him by putting him in his charging station and plugging the charging station into a wall.


BB-8 has a removable head which is magnetised to his body. BB-8 is very durable as the plastic on the BB-8 is very, very thick and is designed in mind that he will probably end up crashing into a wall or 2.

If you would like to learn about the mechanics of BB-8 you can watch a video about it here:

It is controlled by an app available for both android and iOS which is enabled by Bluetooth.


I would recommend the BB-8 (or any Sphero droid) to anyone, of any age! He is just that fun!


I also have a BB-8 carry case!


Do you have a Sphero droid? Let me know in the comments below!


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 😃