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Battle of the Boyne

Published July 12, 2017 by I Blog

Happy Battle Of The Boyne Day!


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It’s My 2nd Bloggiversary!!!

Published June 29, 2017 by I Blog

Hello! It’s my 2nd bloggiversary! Wow. How time flies!


Let’s go over some numbers!




Total number of views on this blog at the time of writing this! Wow!





The total number of Β visitors that I have had.





All the likes I have received!





The total Β number of comments that I have has!





All of my lovely followers!





This is my 200th post!





Posts before this





Months that I’ve been blogging!





Members in my lovely team!





Years that I’ve been blogging!



Search terms used to find me:

  • Minions black line image
  • Just Jodes
  • A little bit about st david
  • Micro:Bit
  • Zoella Secret Scenta
  • Blog bullet journal April 2017
  • Bullet journal April
  • Quote of the month April
  • Fitbit
  • Weightliss blogs
  • And 223 unknown search terms.


So, when’s your bloggiversary? It’s been ages since my 1st bloggiversary!

Also, a fellow blogger has just had their first bloggiversary!


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The One Lovely Blogger Award πŸ₯‡

Published June 17, 2017 by I Blog

Hello, hello, hello!

So, I was nominated for this award by the lovely Hannah from hannahreads2001!

Thank you so much for nominating me, Hannah! Thank you for what you said about me in your post too! It really made my day!

Thanks! ☺️  I think that if you should definitely go follow Hannah because her posts are amazing and deffo worth checking out!




The Rules:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  2. Post about the award
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself
  4. Nominate at most 15 people
  5. Tell your nominees the good news!

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