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Let’s Get Real; What’s The Deal With WTJ Now In Color?

Published July 23, 2017 by I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything

*Please don’t get offended if I put “colour” instead of “color ” as where I’m from, that’s how you spell it.*


So, this post idea all started when I saw this video by Moriah Elizabeth (I own no rights to this material).


This really saddened me because I love her WTJ (Wreck This Journal) videos.


So, you know how you look up Wreck This Journal on Google and this comes up?


They’re all nice and pretty and decorated pages, right?


Well, in Wreck This Journal Now In Color, this is on the front and back pages.


So, basically, we have been told that we have been doing this book wrong. Um… no! That’s not fair. We have spent our hard earned money on this book, so we shall do what we please with it.


So, this post is basically to say that I am going to decorate this book. It still says this in the front… (instructions are open to interpretation)


I have a question for you. When I am decorating this book, would you like to see it as a series (like me decorating pages and giving you updates every so often), or would you just like to see a finished flip through? Let me know in the comments below!


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 😃

I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 😃

TYONI You Don’t Have Netflix

Published July 9, 2017 by I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything

Heyo! Just to let you know, TYONI means






1) If you want to watch something, you either have to search for it on TV or buy it on DVD.


2) Finales air later for you, so…


3) Shows are spoiled! (I have been avoiding certain people to avoid the chat about the PLL Finale! – Which I haven’t seen!)


4) People keep asking you why you don’t have Netflix.


5) Then you say “because I don’t.”

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Thoughts You Have When Wearing A Face Mask 💭 💭💭

Published June 24, 2017 by I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything


  1. Hmm… shall I put in a face mask?
  2. Umm… YES
  3. What’s in this?
  4. Ooh! Natural ingredients! Fancy!
  5. Okay, so step 1… wash your face
  6. * Wishy Washy Wishy Washy*
  7. Done.
  8. Step 2… apply
  9. How do I open this?
  10. Why is it so hard to open!
  11. AHA!
  12. I opened you! 😏
  13. Ooh! It’s ‘insert colour of face mask here’.
  14. It looked different on the packet.
  15. It’s slimy!
  16. Rubbing on my face
  17. How thick should it be?
  18. Will I have enough?
  19. I have enough.
  20. There’s not a lot left..,
  21. I’ll just jse it up…
  22. Okay, so there was a lot left…
  23. Oh well!
  24. Oh no! I missed a spot!
  25. Now let’s just smooth it over!
  26. Perfect!
  27. This smells really strong!
  28. I hope it’s not expired!
  29. *Checks if it’s expired *
  30. Phew, it’s all good.
  31. I smell all exotic.
  32. Has it been 15 minutes yet?
  33. Oh, it’s only been 2…
  34. Time! Move faster!
  35. I should take a selfie…
  36. Or do something productive.,,
  37. nah! Selfie 🤳!
  38. There
  39. Oh! 15 minutes already!
  40. How time flies!
  41. I’m a smurf!
  42. SMURFS!
  43. Wow, how do I get this stuff off?!
  44. What if I get stuck this colour forever?!
  45. Phewf! It’s off!


Do you have any other thoughts?

Let me know in the comments below!


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 😃

My Fears…

Published April 29, 2017 by I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything

Hey guys. Today I’m talking about something very serious- fears.

So, here are my fears;

  1. Spiders 🕷.

Even that emoji made me shudder! Spiders are my worst fear! I hate them! They scare me soooo much! Just ugh! *shudders* if I see a spider, I have to leave the room. At my Halloween party, me and 2 of my friends had to hide in my bathroom to avoid a spider – we are ALL afraid of spiders!


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We played 1 word story! And this is what happened!

Published April 8, 2017 by I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything

Hi, I Blog here!

So, I am here with Best Friend Blogs (BFB) and Hungry Blogs (HB).

I am writing like this.

HB is in bold. 

BFB is in italics. 

Let’s get into this blog post.

If you don’t know what this is we will take it in turns to type a sentence without knowing the previous sentence:


Hello my name is Becky and I’m 3 years old.

Adele is mad because she hates you.

“I’m a Bounty Hunter!” He shouted to

And I like pillows. I am also obsessed with drink bottles – shhhhh! Don’t tell!


“Gimme the treasure!!!!” He said as he stole the treasure

My best friend is called Bob and he is a minion, he comes over to my house. I live in an ugly museum. I have no WIFI – but I am a mind reader to dogs! 

Melanie Martinez hates you cause your ugly.

And I opened the chest. Inside, it had a card which said ‘the end’.


My name is Jeff!!

** A whole new world, a brand new place I never knew!**

YES! I’m bored because…


I love Jeff! He is my boyf!

Luke I am your father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like chickens – so does my Best Friend Forever And Ever Friend blogs THE END

Scene 3:

Hey, my name is…

Bob, I’m sorry, you’re adopted!

Then, I was mad because BOB stole MY toffee popcorn 🍿!

I like cheese pie – it’s my fav!!! My book bag is heavy so I asked my friend ‘pony bottle’ to carry it and she threw it out, so I asked;

If dogs have fur, then why don’t I?

“NOOOOOOOOO!” She shouted as I killed Bob!

Then I died and came back as a ghost and haunted the mat in Jenny’s house. She said…

I ate 60 houses, 38 skyscrapers and 200 TVs and I’m still hungry! 

So, I guess this is THE END!

Scene 4:

* Put 2 slices of bread on person’s face* You’re an idiot sandwich!


I am a king – my dad is called…

*Does 1 sit-up* *Dies*

Then does 49 star jumps in 3.4314956 seconds and dies!


So, that was it! What did you think? Do you play this with your friends? Let us know in the comments!

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