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When You Don’t Have WIFI ~ Blogoween Day 11

Published October 11, 2017 by I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything

I am in school right now, writing this in the app. I’m trying to research stuff for my RE presentation which is in less than 24 hours but the WIFI is blocked. I mean why? I’m trying to do homework!
So, this is a post about what to do when you need to write a presentation without WIFI.
1) Read a book. This will take longer than typing something into the search bar but it is reliable.

2) Phone up people and ask them questions.

3) Make something up that makes you sound smart / use big words to confuse people. E.g this event had a large impact on society because antidisestablishmentarianism was discovered.


Or, if you can’t be bothered, read Harry Potter.


So, yeah. These are just some random rantings of a year 9 😂😂😂


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 🎃


Harry Potter Book Tag

Published October 9, 2017 by bezkitty

Hello World,


So BestFriend tagged me to do this so here we go…


1. Expecto patronum! ~ 
A childhood book that’s connected to a good memory;

Winnie the Witch in Welsh and English~I loved this book I even went as Winnie on World Book Day
2.Expelliarmus! ~ 
A book that took you by surprise;

Grampa’s Great Escape by David Walliams~  The stroy was great all the way to the end until … I’m not going to tell you the ending but i dropped the book.😮


3. Prior incantarno! ~
The last book you read;

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban~ I haven’t finished it yet but I am loving it. I’ve watched the films a million times but never read the books, it’s great to learn those extra pieces of info.

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14 Things That People With Glasses Are Tired Of Hearing 🤓👓

Published September 23, 2017 by I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything

Hey guys. I wear glasses 🤓. Here are some things that I’m tired of hearing.


* I have astigmatism in my left eye (mostly, it’s a tiny, tiny bit in my right) which makes me short sighted, so I can see things close by but not far away – these things may be different for you.


** I don’t wear glasses all the time – only when I’m in class and can’t see the board.



“Can I try your glasses on?” 

Um… No. a) it’ll give you a headache and b) you’ll get your smudgey fingers all over my lenses!



” How many fingers am I holding up?”

SIGH. That’s not how it works!



“Are you like super smart?”

Well, yes , but that’s beside the point (JK).

But seriously, what does having glasses have to do with being smart?



“I wish that I wore glasses!”

Oh, do you? Well, I’m sorry that you can actually see things?!


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What I’ve Learned From My Fist Week Of School ~ Year 9 Edition 📓

Published September 8, 2017 by I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything

Hey guys! It’s Friday! Whoop whoop 🙌! We survived the first week of school! Yes! It’s the weekend!


Today we’re talking about school. I know. It’s sad. Summers over 🙁. I had to go back to school ☹️.


So, here’s what I’ve learned!


1. Uniform can change over the summer. Yep. Uniform can change over the summer and you may not be aware. Be warned. (Hehem, spent money on boots, then found out that they were banned).

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Published September 1, 2017 by I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything



Today marks Albus Severus Potter’s first day attending Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.


Today King’s Cross station was absolutely packed with die- hard Harry Potter fans because it’s officially #19YearsLater! Everyone raised their wands in appreciation and wore their smartest robes trying to get onto Platform 9 and 3/4, although none were successful.


Today is the 19th year since the release of the Deathly Hallows. At the end of the book and film it shows you what happens 19 years later, and it’s Albu’s Potter’s first day at Hogwarts. And that day is today!


But, I think the real question on everybody’s mind is; how was Albus’ first day at school?


To find out, read the Cursed Child, a play by John Tiffany, based on the best-selling series by J.K Rowling.


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Back To School Tag 😭😭😭

Published August 20, 2017 by I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything

Hey guys!


It’s school soon – 😭😭😭😭


So, I decided to do the back to school tag, I wasn’t nominated, but I’m doing it anyway! Enjoy!


1. What grade are you going into?

Well, I’m going into year 9 which is 4th year of secondary school. But in America , that’s the age of someone in 10th grade, I believe (13-14).


2. What are you excited/ nervous for this year?

Well, excited for learning new things, but nervous for tests and choosing my GCSE options…


3. What’s your favourite part of getting ready to go back to school?

Deffo stationery  shopping!


4. What grade were you in when you started wearing makeup to school?

Year 8, so 7th grade ( age 12).


5. Where or from whom do you like getting inspiration for back to school trends & styles?


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