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DIY Harry Potter Charm Bracelet !!!! 📓📔📒📕📗📘📙📚📖

Published February 14, 2018 by I Blog



So, maybe you’ve seen things like this around Etsy?


£30? No way! You can easily DIY this charm bracelet (or any book series all by yourself.

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HP Sprocket Unboxing + Setup Guide ~ Camera Mondays Episode 15

Published January 22, 2018 by I Blog

hey Guys!


Today  I’m doing an unboxing of the limited edition rose gold HP sprocket and how to set up a HP sprocket.




What is a Sprocket?

A Sprocket is a mini photo printer that is easily portable.


What is Zink paper?

Zink paper is the paper that you put into your Sprocket. It stands for Zero-Ink paper.



Okay, so, this is the Sprocket box: it’s so cute!


The first thing I saw when I opened the box was another box that contained the HP Sprocket.


Inside the sprocket box (which you get if you get a Sprocket that isn’t in the bundle), you get the Sprocket.


A charger (without a wall plug)

10 sheets of Zink paper.


And some really basic instructions.



Then, there was another box which contained the beautiful rose gold case.


Then there was a voucher for a customised HP sleeve.


Finally, there was this adorable photo album!


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How to Christmas-ify an Instrument ~ Blogmas Day 18

Published December 19, 2017 by I Blog


Firstly, I just wanted to apologise for the irregular uploads. I’ve been super busy at the moment, but there will be 24 Blogmas posts, they will just be on the wrong days, so sorry about that!

Today’s, I wanted to talk about the power of those stick on bow thingies that you get for Christmas presents! They are great!

I used them to decorate my saxophone and ukulele! Plus, they aren’t super adhesive, so they peel off without damaging the instrument!

You can just place them wherever!

Here’s my Sax 🎷 with them on:

Doesn’t it look sooooooo festive??!

I love it! I’ve also stuck some on my ukulele and plan on sticking some on my keyboard too!

Do you play any instruments? Let me know in the comments below!

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Cute Photo Advent DIY ~ Blogmas Day 2!

Published December 3, 2017 by I Blog

Hey Guys! How you doing?


Today, I’m showing you a cute photo DIY that’s super easy and customisable.


To to make one like mine, you’ll need:

24 Polaroids (1 taken every day in advent)

3 packs of these sleeves

string and pegs


What to do:

Every day in advent, take a Polaroid of yourself or what you’re doing on that day. Then, put your picture inside the sleeve and hang it up on the string.


Badda bing, badda boom!


Super easy, super quick, super cute!


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PS: confetti in Zoella today!

Calendars and DIYs ~ Blogmas Day 1

Published December 2, 2017 by I Blog

Hey Guys!


It’s Blogmas!


So, I’m doing an advent DIY!


This is how to make an advent DVD mystery box!


You will need:

  • 24 dvds
  • wrapping paper
  • box to store in


So, method:

1. Wrap all of your 24 DVDs in wrapping paper.

2. Place them into your box.

3. Unwrap one every day of December.



So, my advents and what I got today:


* Zoella:



* Lego Starwars:

This thingy


* Thornton’s


* Yankee Candle










What advent calendar/s do you have?


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How to make a paper bauble

Published November 19, 2017 by bezkitty


This is frendblogsalittlebitofeverything, and today I will be writing about how to make paper baubles. I recently learnt how to make them so forgive me if they are a bit rubbish.

What you will need:

Coloured or plain paper

(Pens if you choose plain paper and I will explain why)img_4501

A round object

Glue (preferably a glue stick)

Piece of string or wool


  1. On a piece of paper plain or coloured doesn’t matter which at the moment, draw two circles at the top of the page.img_4480
  2. Fold over three times.


  3. Once folded cut out the circles.img_4485
  4. If you choose plain paper this is where the pens come in, decorate each circle with the pens however you like.img_4486
  5. Fold each circle in half the best you can the design folded in.img_4487
  6. Glue on side of you first folded circle and place the next folded circle and repeat until all circles are glued together
  7. Now get a piece of string or wool and double over to cut to length.img_4496
  8. Cover all the areas in glue place the string or glue in the center and seal by getting the two none connected semi-circles together.
  9. Now you have a completed a bauble.

    Here is the video I got my idea from


    Thank you for reading my post I hope you enjoy making these baubles. If you had a go tell us about it in the comments.