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Published November 16, 2017 by I Blog

Hey guys!
Just a cheeky little update for ya!
So, 2 days ago (Tuesday November 14th) was Friend Blogs’ 2nd bloggiversary!
Then today, it’s Best Friend Blogs’ 2nd bloggiversary!
Happy bloggiversaries Guys!


Harry Potter Spells Book Tag

Published October 9, 2017 by bestfriendblogsalittlebitofeverything

Hey everyone!


I haven’t been posting at all recently but will be soon ~ here’s my comeback…


1. Expecto patronum! ~
A childhood book that’s connected to a good memory;

I don’t want to have a bath! I didn’t like baths 😹 I related with the poor little tiger!


2.Expelliarmus! ~
A book that took you by surprise;

We were liars ~ I’m still shocked 😮 and I definitely recommend it!


3. Prior incantarno! ~
The last book you read;

Fan girl ~ I disliked it because I found it ‘easy’ to read without an interesting storyline📖so I didn’t really like it.


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How I Revise! 📕📗📘📙

Published June 12, 2017 by I Blog

How do I revise?

Well, this is a long and complicated process.

Be glad I am writing this now, because I have a biology test in 17 hours, k?

So, my revision style has changed a lot since last year!

If it were up to me, I’d stop the tests!

But, alas, it’s not.

At some point in our lives, we will have a test. One test in our lives will make us cry. Most tests will have us nearly vomit because we are so nervous. But all tests need revision.

So, let’s take a  break from revision and… look at my revision?

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We played 1 word story! And this is what happened!

Published April 8, 2017 by I Blog

Hi, I Blog here!

So, I am here with Best Friend Blogs (BFB) and Hungry Blogs (HB).

I am writing like this.

HB is in bold. 

BFB is in italics. 

Let’s get into this blog post.

If you don’t know what this is we will take it in turns to type a sentence without knowing the previous sentence:


Hello my name is Becky and I’m 3 years old.

Adele is mad because she hates you.

“I’m a Bounty Hunter!” He shouted to

And I like pillows. I am also obsessed with drink bottles – shhhhh! Don’t tell!


“Gimme the treasure!!!!” He said as he stole the treasure

My best friend is called Bob and he is a minion, he comes over to my house. I live in an ugly museum. I have no WIFI – but I am a mind reader to dogs! 

Melanie Martinez hates you cause your ugly.

And I opened the chest. Inside, it had a card which said ‘the end’.


My name is Jeff!!

** A whole new world, a brand new place I never knew!**

YES! I’m bored because…


I love Jeff! He is my boyf!

Luke I am your father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like chickens – so does my Best Friend Forever And Ever Friend blogs THE END

Scene 3:

Hey, my name is…

Bob, I’m sorry, you’re adopted!

Then, I was mad because BOB stole MY toffee popcorn 🍿!

I like cheese pie – it’s my fav!!! My book bag is heavy so I asked my friend ‘pony bottle’ to carry it and she threw it out, so I asked;

If dogs have fur, then why don’t I?

“NOOOOOOOOO!” She shouted as I killed Bob!

Then I died and came back as a ghost and haunted the mat in Jenny’s house. She said…

I ate 60 houses, 38 skyscrapers and 200 TVs and I’m still hungry! 

So, I guess this is THE END!

Scene 4:

* Put 2 slices of bread on person’s face* You’re an idiot sandwich!


I am a king – my dad is called…

*Does 1 sit-up* *Dies*

Then does 49 star jumps in 3.4314956 seconds and dies!


So, that was it! What did you think? Do you play this with your friends? Let us know in the comments!

I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 😃

Best Friend Blogs A Little Bit Of Everything 💩

Hungry Blogs A Little Bit Of Everything 😜


Published May 4, 2016 by bestfriendblogsalittlebitofeverything

So you may be wondering why we haven’t posted in so long (if not then um…).

So anyway we all go to the same school (me, I blog and friend blogs) and our school has been having LOADS of tests! Obviously most schools will be having the Nationals but seriously! Now is not a good time to be finishing sections/topics of work because guess what that means? TESTS!!!!!!!!!!!☹️

Now if you actually like tests and they make your day please tell me your biggest secret – how do you do it?!?!?!?!?

Now I want to know the point of tests because if you were taught properly then we would understand the topic/section so we don’t need to be tested on it, and if  we were  taught badly then get that sorted out please teachers!

Another thing about tests is there a bit competitive boy/girl wise because most test say gender/sex but why does this matter? We are all people who HATE tests!

Now please someone tell me it’s not just me who does this but in tests I use different stationary; in Welsh I use stationary that reminds me of  friend blogs because she is better than at me in Welsh,  in maths I use stationary to  remind me if I blog because  she is better at maths than me E.C.T. Just me? -OK


I really want to know the one thing that immediately comes to mind when I say tests. Mine is (in EMOJI form):



Yours the same?!


Please comment your test emojis!

If anyone knows of or is a teacher tell them to stop please! Make this world a safe test free environment!







Best Friend Blogs A Little Bit Of Everything 💩