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How I Revise! πŸ“•πŸ“—πŸ“˜πŸ“™

Published June 12, 2017 by I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything

How do I revise?

Well, this is a long and complicated process.

Be glad I am writing this now, because I have a biology test in 17 hours, k?

So, my revision style has changed a lot since last year!

If it were up to me, I’d stop the tests!

But, alas, it’s not.

At some point in our lives, we will have a test. One test in our lives will make us cry. Most tests will have us nearly vomit because we are so nervous. But all tests need revision.

So, let’s take a Β break from revision and… look at my revision?

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Bullet Journal πŸ““- April

Published April 1, 2017 by I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything


So, I have started bullet journaling. I took inspiration from Serendipidiy (Laura):πŸ““βœπŸ»/


And Busy Bee (Tabi):


So, I decided to start my own!


I got this notebook in WHSmiths, in a 2 pack for like Β£1. So I used it because I like the pattern. I decided to colour the edges. πŸ˜€

On page 1 it says *my name*’s Bullet Journal.


Then, on page 3, it says some personal things and a colour key.


On page 4 is my index and page 5 is my year calendar ( I messed up on March – fixing it later. I need to buy more tippex).

Then, on page 7 I just wrote April.


Page 9 is a bigger version of the calendar and April’s index.

Pages 10 and 11 have my events written down.


Page 12 and 13 are dedicated to my blog πŸ˜‰.


Pages 14 and 15 are for commit to get fit!


Pages 16 and 17 are my period tracker.


Page 18 is Random Bits.


Page 19 is my April Habit Tracker. (Above)


Pages 20 and 21 are my budget.


I am also hoping to add a Mood Mandala (like Laura showed) because I think it would look quite pretty!



I actually added a mood picture. I drew this picture myself, and every day I am going to colour in a section depending on my mood.




Do you Bullet Journal? Let me know in the comments below!


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything πŸ˜ƒ

My Halloween Makeup- Blogoween day 22

Published October 22, 2016 by I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything

Hey guy!


So today I’m showing you how I’m doing my Halloween makeup.


Disclamer: I am not that good at makeup. I’m just a teen doing makeup for the sake of doing makeup.


Firstly I’m taking my Clinique BB cream in the shade Light and, using my Beauty Blender, I’m applying a thin layer. This is just to hide spots.

Next, I’m taking my Clinique Concealer, also in the shade Light, and I’m going over my bigger spots to reduce redness. Then I’m taking my No. 7 under eye concealer and I am concealing my dark circles. I’m blending all of this with my W7 Beauty Blender.



After that, I’m taking my Body Shop Shimmer Waves blusher and I’m reddening my cheeks. (Don’t have a pic – sorry).


Then I took my LancΓ΄me powder in the shade Light and applied it really thick so my face looked powdery and ghostly.

Next I took my Tanya Burr Perfect Brows pallet and I used the darkest shade (hot cocoa) to make my eyebrows really stand out!


Now we are onto eyes.

Firstly I took the shade Chandelier from the Tanya Burr Candy Glam (?) beauty pallet and I’m applying it all over my eyelid.

Then, I’m taking my W7 liquid eyeliner and I’m lining my eve and I’m doing a small chunky cat eye (which looks amazing – NOT).

WARNING: do not apply this eyeliner to your waterline as it turns your outer eyeball black – trust me! I know from experience.

Then I took my Benefit Roller Lash mascara and, you know, applied it.

Next I took some of the W7 eyeliner, placed it on my upper cheek and added some water so it would run down my cheek.


Then I took a lot (and I mean a lot) of my Benefit Hoola Bronzer and applied it all over my cheeks and forehead to make it all smudgey and dirty.


After that, I took my Mac Which Witch black lipstick and applied it until my lips were ink black.

Finally, I took some red lipstick (I’m a little allergic to face paint, but if you aren’t allergic to it, I would recommend using face paint instead) and I applied it around my lower lip and on my forehead. Then I used my Beauty Blender to blend it out to make my whole forehead go red. I looked kind of devilish!


Your face should then look like a subtler version of this picture (to do with the red ombrΓ© look).Β 

What are you going as for Halloween?


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything πŸŽƒ

Good luck charm

Published February 18, 2016 by I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything

Hello World,


So, to make your good luck charm you will need;


An easily portable charm.


Sprinkle your item with glitter and recite this phrase;


Lucky charm, I beg of thee,

Grant this good luck spell to me,

Oh lucky charm I beg of you,

Bring me good luck through and through!



I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything πŸ˜ƒ