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Wreck This Journal 2

Published March 21, 2018 by I Blog



It’s time for Wreck This Journal number 2!


So, I’ve got some pages to show you! So, I’m going to show you the before, the after and talk about it! Yay! *party popper explosion!*


If you want to find any other WTJ posts, click here.


So, let’s get into it!

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Wreck This Journal 1

Published March 15, 2018 by I Blog



In case you haven’t guessed by the title, we’re doing a Wreck This Journal series!


One person asked for it, so we’re doing it!


But, not just any WTJ (wreck This Journal) series, a wtj now in colour! Yay!

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Calendars and DIYs ~ Blogmas Day 1

Published December 2, 2017 by I Blog

Hey Guys!


It’s Blogmas!


So, I’m doing an advent DIY!


This is how to make an advent DVD mystery box!


You will need:

  • 24 dvds
  • wrapping paper
  • box to store in


So, method:

1. Wrap all of your 24 DVDs in wrapping paper.

2. Place them into your box.

3. Unwrap one every day of December.



So, my advents and what I got today:


* Zoella:



* Lego Starwars:

This thingy


* Thornton’s


* Yankee Candle










What advent calendar/s do you have?


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How To Make an Inktober Journal ~ Blogoween day 6

Published October 6, 2017 by I Blog

Hey Guys.


Today I’m going to teach you how to make an Inktober journal. It’s really easy and you’ll need very few supplies.


You will need:

  • Sketchbook Paper (double the size of the paper you want – I used A5 paper because I wanted an A6 notebook)
  • Stapler + Staples


That’s it.


To make:

  1. Take the desired amount of pages to make enough individual pages for the 31 days (plus extra if you wish).0317A5AA-0BA2-4D22-AC9D-85166133FC43.jpeg
  2. Fold these pages in half.F376FE9E-C580-4EDE-96C1-39C4093CE739.jpeg
  3. Staple down the centre.A0862799-05BB-4E67-8331-88404EB6C958.jpeg
  4. Trim the edges so that they’re the same size.


That’s it – it’s that simple!

It is so cute and easy to make!

Decorate how you wish.


Are you doing Inktober? Let me know down below!


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Tabi Bee DIYs Tested

Published September 30, 2017 by I Blog

Hello! So, today I’m going to be testing out 5  Tabi Bee DIYs. I hope you enjoy!

*DISCLAIMER* I asked for permission from Tabi to write this post and she very kindly said yes!

Sorry it’s taken so long, Tabi 😉


So, firstly, DIY Animals In Boxes.


I didn’t make the box, just the animals, I think that they turned out cute, but I don’t like how I did the eyes…

I give this DIY **** stars (4/5)





Next, I decided to make DIY Stickers!

These are so adorable and I stuck them to my desk!

I give this DIY 4 1/2 stars because it’s so easy!



Next I made the Teeny Tiny bunting!

I love it!

It’s all over my wall!

I give this one 5/5 stars because it’s mini!



Have you made any of these DIYs? Let me know down below!


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How I Revise! 📕📗📘📙

Published June 12, 2017 by I Blog

How do I revise?

Well, this is a long and complicated process.

Be glad I am writing this now, because I have a biology test in 17 hours, k?

So, my revision style has changed a lot since last year!

If it were up to me, I’d stop the tests!

But, alas, it’s not.

At some point in our lives, we will have a test. One test in our lives will make us cry. Most tests will have us nearly vomit because we are so nervous. But all tests need revision.

So, let’s take a  break from revision and… look at my revision?

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