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Published April 19, 2020 by I Blog

Hey guys!

So, this week I’m doing the special quarantine edition of the Reading Rush, hosted by Ariel Bissett. 


This is a readathon that is running for 4 days, from the 16th to the 19th of April. This is my first time taking part, so I’m really excited. I’m going to be daily blogging every day with updates, but first: THE TAG!

1. How is your reading going while staying home?

At the start, it wasn’t that great because I was kinda in shock, but April has really picked me up as I’m also participating in the OWLS readathon by bookroast. I’m currently 21 books ahead of my Goodreads goal though – haha!


2. Where have you been reading at home?

I usually just read in bed, but now that we’re in quarantine, I’ve also been reading in my kitchen a lot when I eat, which I’m actually really enjoying! What I’ve been doing (except not right now as I’m on Easter Break, so we haven’t had online school for two weeks) is that I read for an hour when I wake up in the morning, then I also sometimes read at lunch (although sometimes I watch TV or YouTube- it just depends on my mood), then I read when I have a bath in the evenings, and again before bed (I’ll be doing a daily quarantine routine soon). So, I have more time to read now. 

3. Best book you’ve read during isolation?

Ooh! I just reread quite a few books that I loved! I read Percy Jackson again, which is my favourite book, so its obviously that! But, I guess the best book that I’ve read for the first time is either Heartless by Marissa Meyer (4 star fiction) or Astrophysics for Young People In A Hurry (5 star non-fiction)


4. What’s your favourite feel good book?

I have quit a few. If I’m every feeling really panicky, I like to flick through Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter by Louise Pentland and I love to just look at the pictures as I find it really relaxing. I also love reading Percy Jackson as it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!


5. Book you wish you could buy or borrow from the library?

I really want to get the comic of the Dark Night Rises. But, I have been ordering books from amazon… I would also love to get Tristain Strong Punches A Hole In The Sky. Ooh! and Sal and Gabi Fix the Universe! (I just preordered that now!)

6. Author you want to shout out during this time?

Carlos Hernandes – he wrote one of my favourite books – Sal and Gabi Break The Universe (review here). His second book is also coming out on May the 5th, so deserves all the love! (Ooh! Same day as Camp Jupiter Classified!)

7. What is your Reading Rush TBR?

  • Read a book with a house on the cover – The Star Outside My Window (Note, I just realised that it is a window, so I’m changing this to Peter Pan)
  • Read a book in the same room the whole time. – A Goosebumps book that I got free with the DVD (Night of The Living Dummy)
  • Read a book set somewhere you wish you could go. – The Kissing Booth Road Trip – I’d love to go on a Road Trip
  • Read a book that will make you smile – Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters graphic Novel. 

Is four books a bit ambitious? Definitely, but we’ll see – I’m on Easter break, so I’ve got some extra time!

So, now onto the daily blogs…


Thursday April 16th, 00:11 am

So, the reading rush officially started 11 minutes ago and I’m going in with the Sea of Monsters graphic novel for a book that will make you smile.


Later, 10:27am

That was a bad idea 😂😂😂 I ended up going to bed at 25 to 1 in the morning 😂😂😂. Ah well. I ended up getting about half-way through the graphic novel.

Also, unrelated, but I think I’ve been watching too much glee? I had a dream that I was in a show hour that was singing Christmas songs in the Costa drive through 😂😂😂

Oh well. I’m going to finish my graphic novel now and then eat some breakfast.


Later, 7:21pm

Hey guys!

So, I finished the graphic novel this morning and it was fun. I gave it 4 stars because I prefer reading the series and they gave Annabeth straight hair again (which annoys me). I don’t think I’m a massive fan of the art style either? Mainly because they look quite old in it too. I do still think I’m going to carry on with the graphic novel series though.

Now, I’m starting read a book with a house in the cover, which is Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie. I’m really excited as I haven’t read it before (and I’m on the bit in Once Upon A Time (the tv show) where Hook shows up, which is giving me the Peter Pan feels).


Friday April 17th, 9:58am

Hey guys! 

So, yesterday, I ended up reading up to page 55 in Peter Pan, so I’m starting on chapter 4 today (out of 17, I think). So, the goal is to finish this one today. But, I’m also behind on writing blog posts, so I’ve gotta get on that today.

I’ve also gotta write reviews for all of the books that I haven’t done yet, which is like 4 of them, haha. 


Later, 11:23pm

What was I going to do today? Read. What did I do? Make a reflective pinafore dress 😂😂😂 (tutorial coming soon). Ah, typical me.

I did get a bit of reading done (and I did review those books, and write some posts). I’m on page 106 of Peter Pan, so I’m like 100 pages behind schedule!

Although, I did watch the kissing booth, ready for reading the sequel tomorrow (maybe, if I finish Peter Pan?).

Anyway, I’m going to try and read another chapter of Peter Pan. Talk in the morning!


Saturday April 18th, 2:48pm


So, I did read that chapter of Peter Pan last night.

I’m currently on chapter 12 (page 147) so I have 70 pages left. I don’t really know how I’m feeling about it so far.

Like, it was first published in 1911, so some of the language is a bit outdated. Some parts are also slightly sexist, but again, that is to do with the time period in which it is written, so can I really judge it based on that?

My main issue is that some things just don’t make that much sense. I had a similar issue with Alice, so I think that it may just be a me thing.

But, I’ll update you when I finish and see if my thoughts change.


Later, 4:57pm, 2 hours later (read in the spongebob voice)

So, I finished Peter Pan! It was okay? I don’t know. It wasn’t amazing or revolutionary, but it wasn’t terrible? I think I’m going to give this one three stars.

I didn’t love it and I was pretty confused at times, but it was a decent story and a classic, so I’m glad that I’ve read it.

Now, I’m going to watch the new High school musical the musical the series with my mam, then I’m going to start Goosebumps: The Night of the Living Dummy by R. L. Stone for read a book in one room the whole time.


Later, 5:47pm

So, that episode was FIRE!


Slightly Later, 6:03pm

…Okay then. That was a great update 😂😂😂

Anyway, I’m about to start Goosebumps! I’m going to read it all in my living room. I think it’ll take about 2 hours as I read about 1 page a minute and it’s 130 ish pages. I’ll talk to y’all later!


Even Later, 7:54pm

I am now half way through the book. It’s taking a bit longer than expected because I actually FaceTimed my sister for like half an hour.

The book is actually kinda scary so far, which is fun! I’m taking a little break, but then I’m carrying on!


Later Still, 8:50pm

Well, we are now on a zoom family meeting, so I’ve been kicked out of the living room where I’m reading Goosebumps, so if I’m going to do more reading, I’m going to read The Kissing Booth Road Trip for the challenge of read a book set somewhere you wish you could go, because I’d love to go on a road trip!


Later, 11:24pm

We ended up having a 2hour 45 minute zoom meeting, so I did not get much reading done – haha! I’ve also been listening to the #OneWorldTogetherAtHome Youtube Livestream, and finding some new cool artists to listen to!

Sunday April 19, 1:30am


So, I’m staying up watching the concert livestream and u had no idea it went on until three, but hey ho.

I just finished reading Goosebumps as I was watching and it was okay. Not too scary, but scary enough.

So, now I’ve just got the kissing booth left to read later. I’m going to carry on with the concert now, so talk to y’all later.

Later, 9:40am


So, I ended up staying up until three watching the concert 😂😂😂

But, I did also manage to get halfway through the Kissing Booth, so I’ve only got 50 pages left the rest of the day. So, I’ll update y’all when I’m done!

Slightly Later, 10:20

So, I finished it! The reading rush is done! I win!

The book was decent. It was just a fluffy romance that didn’t take too much effort and was pretty fun.

But, not a lot happened – there isn’t much plot. Personally, I’d have liked it more if more things happened in it, so I think I’m going to give it like a three stars.

I’m going to eat some food, then I’ll update you with my stats and wrap-up.



  • I read 4 books in four days. 
  • I read three “three star” books and one “four star” books. 
  • Across these four books, I read 577 pages. 
  • This averages to 144 pages per book and 144 pages per day. 
  • My shortest book was The Kissing Booth: Road Trip! which was 100 pages. 
  • The longest book was Peter Pan, which was 217 pages. 



Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Sea of Monsters (Graphic Novel Edition) – Read a book that will make you smile. 4 stars. (I did smile a lot when reading this). 

So, this was okay. I feel like my love for the series is what is making me rate this so high, not the actual graphic novel.

I have some small issues with the comics on the whole – like how Annabeth’s hair is straight instead of curly (which really annoyed me), and also the fact that the characters looked really old – not at all like the 12-13 year olds that they were meant to be.

This adaption, on the whole, was decent. It did miss out some plot points, but what can you expect as it is a graphic novel.

Although the art style isn’t my favourite, I would like to continue on with the graphic novel series.


Peter Pan – Read a book with a house on the cover. 

I really wanted to like this. I really did.

But, I didn’t really. There were moments that I really enjoyed, but there were others that I just did not. I found this overall story quite confusing and there were parts that were a bit difficult to follow.

I also didn’t like the imagery of Peter’s “baby teeth” being repeated. It kinda confused me to about what age he was supposed to be.

There were bits of fun action which were really interesting, but there were also quite a few boring bits that I didn’t really enjoy.

It was first published in 1911, so some of the language is a bit outdated. Some parts are also slightly sexist, but again, that is to do with the time period in which it is written, so I can’t really judge it on that.

However, I have wanted to read this for a very long time, so I’m happy that I did.


Goosebumps: Night of the living Dummy – Read a book in one room the entire time (I chose my living room). 

This was fun.

It was creepy and a bit scary at times, but it wasn’t too bad (I am not a huge fan of horror, so this was great for me). However, I would have liked some more plot twists, because I predicted the ending from the beginning. It was a good read and a great introduction to R.L. Stine though.


Kissing Booth: Road Trip!

The book was decent. It was just a fluffy romance that didn’t take too much effort and was pretty fun. It was just a really easy-going road-trip story about friends and finding the main character’s boyfriend in college.

But, not a lot happened – there isn’t much plot. Personally, I’d have liked it more if more things happened in it. I understand that it is only 100 pages of actual story, but most of it was just taken up with describing the journey and not a lot actually happened.

But, it was a fun story and I guess that I had a good time.



So, that was my experience in my first reading rush! 


Did you participate? What did you read? Let me know in the comments! 


I Blog xxx

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