I Can’t Believe I Did It!

Published July 21, 2017 by I Blog

Guys, I actually can’t believe that I did it! But.. I got my ears pierced! I got my second lobes done. If you want you can check out my 1st lobe storytimes! 



Look at it!! I love it sooooooo much!



So, I went to Claire’s on Wednesday July 19th, there was a big que, so it took a while. My ears were pierced by a really lovely person called Megan. She was really sweet and made me feel really welcome. We had a lovely chat (about braces (I wanted to get them done before I got my braces)) and it turns out that Megan had the same problem with her mouth as me!


So, The Process:


Firstly, I went into Claire’s and Megan sat me down in the chair. She then asked me which earrings I wanted. I chose the butterfly ones. I then had to take out my earrings in my first holes. Next Megan asked me if I wanted the rapid lotion or the standard lotion. I chose standard.


Next my mum had to sign some forms because I’m under 16 whilst Megan cleaned my ears with these little antibacterial wipes.  Next Megan marked some dots on my ears for where they were going to pierce my ears.


Then another lady came over (I don’t know her name) to pierce my ears at the same time.


Then they got the  guns and loaded the pre packaged cartridges into them and they shot the earrings through my ear. It didn’t hurt at all!


Then they give you an antiseptic lotion that you use to clean your ears 3 times a day. It wasn’t painful and I was able to sleep on my ears the night I got them pierced.



Now onto FAQs/ Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Does it hurt?

No, not at all. It was literally just a pinch!


2. What’s the difference between the rapid solution and the regular solution?

You need to use the regular solution 3 times a day and it takes 6-8 weeks/ a month- a month and a half to heal,  whereas with the rapid solution, you only need to use it 2 times a day and it only takes 3-5 weeks / approx a month to heal.


3. Should you get ear piercings all at once or wait a while for each one?

I would wait because if your first hole got infected, it would be easier for your second hole to get infected than if one hole had already healed.


4. Have you ever had any problems related to your piercings?

YES! Read here for more info!


5. Have you ever regretted getting any of your piercings?

Nope. No I have not.


6. When can I change my earrings?

If they are lobes, after 6-8 weeks. Then post style earrings should be worn for the first 6 months. You should always have some earrings in for at least a year so that the holes don’t close up.


7.  How much does it cost?

The price varies depending on the earrings and the solution, but mine personally cost £40 (please don’t feel like I’m bragging, I’m honestly not) but my friend also had them done and hers cost £45 because she had different earrings. But my mum very kindly got them for me. Thanks mum!


8. Is it uncomfortable to insert/ remove earrings?

No, not really. Sometimes it’s a bit annoying, but it’s ok.


9. Is it uncomfortable to sleep with them in?

No, not really. I haven’t had any problems, but my friend found them a bit uncomfortable because they’re new. But I was okay.


10. Do you wear earrings whilst you sleep?

Yes, because when they’re new, you have to keep them in whilst you sleep. I also like to keep them in because I hate putting them in before school because I always forget!


11. Where did you get them done? Is it better at a tattoo shop?

I got them done at Claire’s. I personally think that Claire’s is fine for lobes but you should go to a tattoo shop for anything else because if you use a gun, it’s more likely that it can shatter your cartilage which isn’t good.



If ypu you have any more questions, please leave them in the comments below!


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