Ear Piercing Story Part 2

Published July 16, 2017 by I Blog

When we last left I Blog, she had just had her earring PULLED OUT OF HER EAR! What happened next?

If you haven’t viewed part 1, you can read it here:

So, my ear healed up and it was all good.

Then, I got them re-pierced when I was 9 (the summer going into year 5)

I went to Claire’s again and got them pierced with a gold ball. This was a different Claire’s and I still got pierced with a gun. I got pierced one at a time. They were pierced in practically the same place as before but not exactly the same.


However these hurt more then th first ones because, like, it went through practically the same spot as the last hole and there was like scar tissue and stuff…


Since then, it’s been all good. No problems (except when one time my ear lobes turned green from using cheap earrings- that was scary. Oh, and the time I left my earrings out for so long that they nearly closed up- also scary!)



Anyway, these were like a 2/10

I will be getting my doubles on Wednesday! I’ll post after they’re done!


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