Ear Piercing Story – Part 1

Published July 15, 2017 by I Blog

Hey guys!

So, this weekend, I am getting my second lobes pierced. So, I decided to make a Storytime post on my 1st lobes.

That is all that this post is, but I do have some interesting stories about my lobes.


I have  had my first lobes pierced twice. Today I will be talking about th first time I got them pierced.


The first time I got them pierced, I was in year 2 – the summer going into year 3. So, I was 7. Nearly 8.



I was at a shopping centre and I was in Claire’s with my dad, whilst my mum was in Monsoon. As I was looking at something, my dad randomly said “hey, do you want to get your ears pierced?” So I said “ok”.

There was a girl who was about 10 who went before me. This made me really nervous!

I chose these crystal studs. 2 women pierced pierced my ears at the same time with a gun.

It was all ok though and didn’t hurt at all! I don’t know why I was worried!

Then in we rang my mum to tell her. She had no idea that we’d done this.

I loved them!


I got home and showed my neighbor (who is a family friend) and she loved them! Soon after, she decided to get her daughter’s ears pierced!

It all went well for a while…


Until one day…


I was wearing Cherry 🍒 earrings and I had pushed the back right up close to the back of my ear! Bad Move! DON’T DO THIS GUYS!

The skin began to grow over the back of my earring (Eww!!!!) On my right ear (again, eww!). I was trying to take them out them out, The left one came out easy peasy. But, I couldn’t get the right one out!

I told my mum and she had a look. The back had gotten embedded into my ear and the skin had grown over it!

My mum got some sterilised tweezers and began to try and pry the earrings out of my ear! I almost had to go to hospital! I was terrified and it really hurt! But, eventually, we got it out. I was in soooooooo much pain!!!!!!



Then I had to let my hole heal and close up. 😔


Will I Blog ever get her ears pierced again? What happened?

Find out tomorrow in part 2! 


Do you have any piercing horror stories? Let me know in the comments below!


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 😃

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