I Got A Ukulele?!

Published June 9, 2017 by I Blog


All of you that know me know that a received a mysterious parcel of Amazon! What could be inside? Let’s take a look!





A Ukulel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, that’s right! I bought a ukulele!

In this post, I’m going over my first impressions. (Haul coming soon) x

Let’s get straight into it!


So, I was very decisive about this purchase, and, as I know that I’m not decisive about anything, I knew that this was something I really wanted. I’ve wanted this since Tuesday and it arrived today.



This is scheduled. I am writing this on Sunday May 21st, if you’re wondering.


So, I ordered this off Amazon Prime (which is why it came so fast).

You can purchase here.


It was £20.99 when I purchased it – which is quite cheap.


I got this brand because we use these ones in school, so I am familiar with these ukes.


So, I bet you want to know the colour I got?




I chose…





I almost got purple though. But in the end, I went with pink 😊.


It comes with a free “case”. This isn’t really a case, more like “protection against dust”.


The uke arrived out of tune – well, what would you expect?


Tuning was a breeze and I use this app:


You need to tune them (right to left) G, C, E, A (which is very similar to a violin – G, D, A, E if you’re wondering).


I love this uke (and the dolphin tuning screw thingies).


A more detailed review (and a uke haul) coming soon!


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 😃



3 comments on “I Got A Ukulele?!

  • My first uke was a purple of of those. They are lovely little instruments & great fun to play. Happy strumming!
    PS If you like check out my signature & link to my uke club’s website. We have lots of free resources on there – playing tips for beginners, songbooks etc.

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