DIY Violin Finger Stickers πŸŽ»

Published June 4, 2017 by I Blog

Hello guys!


This is a practical and inexpensive DIY for your violin 🎻.

These measurements only fit a full size 4/4 violin – sorry 😐.

For this, you will need;

  • Stickers (2-4)
  • A Ruler

So, you need to measure from the little dip at the top of the violin.


For the first mark, you need to take a sticker and measure 36mm (3.6cm) from the dip. Place marker 1 here.

Then for the 2nd marker, you need 68mm (6.8 cm) from the dip. Place the 2nd marker here.

The 3rd marker is 82mm (8.2 cm) from the dip.

The 4th (if you want it – which I did) is 108mm (10.8cm) from the dip.


Now, you have your own finger markers!

So… yeah!


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