My Operation- STORYTIME

Published May 26, 2017 by I Blog

Hey guys, so today I’m doing my first storytime. If you would like more storytimes, please like this post.


This is the storytime of when I got my operation. I had an operation on my mouth because I had a lost K9 (this means that my tooth was growing sideways, not down like a normal tooth.)  I only knew about my operation a week in advance as they had a cancellation.



However, 1 friend was more concerned about the date as I was leaving school for summer hols 2 weeks before them! Thanks m8! 😂


So, on July 13th, I woke up at 6 am to eat toast as I wasn’t allowed to eat after 6:30 am. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I read most of my new book; The Misadventures Of Max Crumbly (review coming soon). Then I had a shower and got changed into a dress.

In my hospital bag, I took:

  • Towel – IDK why. I just did!
  • Bag with clean underwear, socks, !inion PJs and a nightie – I took a nightie because I wasn’t sure if I’d be allowed to wear PJs. But, in the end, I wore my pjs
  • crocs Slipper shoes – to wear whilst I was in my pjs
  • bag with electronics – Kindle, iPod, headphones and chargers.
  • 2 books – the Misadventures of Max Crumbly and The Potion Diaries. I’m a reader!
  • Diary – in case I wanted to write a bit.
  • Phone – text my mates
  • Toy blogs – my fave toy, it’s like my version of a security blanket. It brings luck in times of need.


I think that was it.

Then I got into the car and went to he hospital.

Then I arrived and they gave me 2 wrist bands – white and red. Red means allergy. I have an unknown food allergy. Then, when I got there, I set all of my stuff up on the table and had to do a pregnancy test by doing a wee in a pot. I also got changed into my PJs.

Then I did some reading and a doctor came to talk to me. The a nurse told me what was going to happen. Then the anaesthetist came and had a chat with me.

Then they came and put numbing cream on my hand.

I was up 1st.

I was going to anaesthetics. The numbing cream had leaked all over my hand!


I was was in a bed and was whisked into a room. I was breathing in oxygen and there was a cream being inserted into my vein. It didn’t hurt it just stung and felt really cold. Like freezing water rushing through my body.

They were talking to me, and I fell asleep…


I woke up in a different room. There were two women talking. They didn’t realise I had woken up. Then one looked down and said “she’s awake!” Apparently, I woke up pretty quick.


All I can remember is that I had quite a few stitches that stayed in for over a week and I was literally spitting blood. Although, I learned from one of the nurses that it is better if you swallow your blood because then, it will eventually end up back in your bloodstream.

Then, I ate pizza and a mini trifle (because you couldn’t leave until after you’d  eaten) because I wanted to go home.


Then I went home and watched Pixels. And ate ice-cream.


Have you ever had an operation? Let me know in the comments below!


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 😃




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