Mini Boots and Leekes haul

Published May 7, 2017 by I Blog

Hey guys,

so today I went to Leekes and Boots. Here is what I bought!


Firstly, the only thing I got from Leekes. I got a set of 4 snack boxes from Happy Jackson. These boxes cost me £10.49. They are sooo cute!

Now, onto Boots!


Firstly I got 3 Boots Cleansers. They were £1.50 each, but were on offer for 3 for £3. I swear by this cleanser. It is the only cleanser I ever use!


Next I got 3 Impulse body sprays. They were £1 each. I got the scents Tease, True Love and Sweet Smile.


Then I got a Treseme Heat Protect. It was £3. I love the scent on this heat protect.


Next, I got my 2017 sunglasses. They were £15. I really like oversized sunglasses  😎. I don’t know why. I just do.


Then I got a mini Denman hairbrush. This was £9.50 and is for my school bag. I use the normal size in the morning and I like the Spiky bristles.

Edit; I just found out that they are the same size.



Next I got a pack of mini Simple Facial wipes. I like to put these in my school bag to use if I get really sweaty in games and need to take my makeup off and reapply it. These wipes were £1.29 for 7 wipes.



Then I got a mini Impulse Pink body spray for £1.20.


Finally, I got a pack of 100 cotton pads for £1.99


What  is your favourite body spray. Let me know in the comments below!


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