I Asked Myself 50 Questions… Part 2

Published May 6, 2017 by I Blog

Tabi’s Post

Part 1


Hello, I’m back with part 2 of I asked myself 50 questions. I don’t really like long intros, so let’s get straight into it…


26. Q. Have you ever been good at baking?

A. Good… not really. I can bake but sometimes it goes wrong. I love baking though!


27. Q. Stripes or spots?

A. Spots!!!!! Especially MULTI COLOURED RAINBOW SPOTS! Although… I like multi coloured rainbow anything  🌈 .


28. Q. If you had the opportunity to live in the countryside, a city or a snowy place, which would you choose?

A. Probably a snowy place… I love snow ❄️. Otherwise a countryside, I don’t like cities that much.


29. Q. What would you wear with a black t shirt to make it look better?

A. A coloured checkered/ flannel shirt around my waist.


30. Q. Can you cross your eyes?

A. Nope! 😂


31. Q. What is the first app you look at when you press the home button?

A. Messages. Or mail.


32. Q. What three apps do you have on your phone?

A. Well, my phone has 5gb of storage. It is an iPhone 📱 which comes with like a zillion apps! So, I only have enough storage for 2 others – WhatsApp and fitbit.


33. Q. If you could sum up your blog in one word, what would it be?

A. Everything. My name is literally I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything!


34. Q. A picture book you love?

A. Disney story collection.


35. Q. Why?

A. I love Disney!


36. Q. Are you a sporty one or a dancy one?

A. The nerdy 🤓 one! (Although I prefer Geek Chic).


37. Q. Crackers or rice cakes?

A. I’ve never had rice cakes. But I’m not a fan of crackers either!


38. Q. Would your dream car be a sports car or a little car?

A. My dream car is a mini! So, a Little car 🚗 for a Little Bit Of Everything 😃!


39. Q. Scroll in your photos, close your eyes, what is the first photo you land on?

A. A picture of my pencil case from my What’s In My School Bag Post.


40. Q.  What is your no.1 life motto?

A. Everyone wants happiness 😃,

Nobody Wants pain 🤕,

But you can’t have a rainbow 🌈,

Without a little rain ☔️!


41. Q. What is your ultimate fear?

A. SPIDERS!!!!!!


42. Q. Favourite book with flaps?

A. The Night Before Christmas 🎄!


43. Q. Would you crab walk everywhere for a day if you got a cool car?

A. Yep, but not for the car 🚗. Just to have a laugh with my mates!


44. Q. What is your favourite holiday of the year?

A. CHRISTMAS 🎄! I love Christmas. However, when I was younger, my fave holiday was Halloween!  🎃


45. Q. Why is it called I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything ?

A. Because I do Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 😆


46. Q. Shoes or socks?

A. Shoes. I don’t wear socks unless I wear shoes!!!


47. Q. What do you dislike most about technology?

A. Waiting for it to charge.


48. Q. What is your favourite material?

A. Silk! It’s soooo soft!


49. Q. What is the latest thing you made?

A. This


50. Q. Do you read often?

A. Yes! I love a good book!



So, that was it!


I hope you enjoyed!


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 😃




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