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SIA ~ Camera Mondays Episode 14

Published May 29, 2017 by I Blog

Look what’s back? Back again! Camera Mondays is back, back again!

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My Hair Care Routine – GRWM

Published May 27, 2017 by I Blog

Hello. Today I am sharing with you my hair are routine. Let’s got straight into this.


Firstly, I was my hair. I usually do this every 3 days (Sunday night, Friday night, Wednesday Night and sometimes on Tuesday night – if I have PE.) I don’t wash it more often because it takes like an hour to dry.

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My Operation- STORYTIME

Published May 26, 2017 by I Blog

Hey guys, so today I’m doing my first storytime. If you would like more storytimes, please like this post.


This is the storytime of when I got my operation. I had an operation on my mouth because I had a lost K9 (this means that my tooth was growing sideways, not down like a normal tooth.)  I only knew about my operation a week in advance as they had a cancellation.


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Liebster Award

Published May 23, 2017 by bezkitty

Hello world this is

Friend Blogs A Little Bit Of Everything 

Today I will be answering to my two nominations for the Liebster award. Thank you to I blog  and Bestfriend blogs for nominating me. BTW it was quite a while like a year ish  since i was nominated (sorry!)

Image result for liebster award Image result for liebster award ( i have picked two awards since i was nominated twice)

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Camera accessories Haul – Camera Mondays Episode 13

Published May 22, 2017 by I Blog

Hello my Lovelies!

Today I have a camera accessories haul!

First things first, my Canon camera bag. I got this for Christmas from Grandma blogs. Thank you!

This bag has a main pocket with dividers and a sub pocket, and a front pocket.

It has a shoulder strap, but also a hip strap in the compartment at the back.

So, let’s take a look.

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