Fidget Cube Review

Published April 30, 2017 by I Blog

Heyy. This is my Fidgit Cube review and unboxing!


You can purchase here



I think this is a fake, but I’m not sure. I thought it was real when I bought it, but then I  found out that a real one is $25 and this one was £7. However, I am not sure. If anyone knows the answer, please leave it in the comments below!


I bought this because I have hyper mobility (I’m double jointed) in my hands. So, in class, I just end up fidgeting with my hands (like bending my fingers backwards) which isn’t good for my joints!


I love this Fidjet Cube because it stops me playing with my joints!


My favourite sides are Breathe, Glide and Roll. However, I don’t really like spin because it is really hard!


I would highly recommend a Fidget Cube to anyone who fidgets.


EDIT: So, this post was scheduled. It is a few weeks after I first wrote it and I have some more points. I deffo think that this is fake. The sides roll and switch don’t make noise anymore and feel extremely loose and unsatisfying! I would not recommend this for durability, but for the initial few weeks, it is great!


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