Poundland and Asda haul.

Published April 23, 2017 by I Blog



I’m back with another haul!


Let’s delve right in!


So, firstly I went to Poundland. Poundland (for anyone that isn’t from the UK) is like the UK’s version of the dollar store. Our currency is pounds (£).


So, firstly, I got a breath spray, for my school bag. Because if I eat certain foods, my breath goes a little bit gross (TMI, I know…) This cost £1 (obviously, because you know, Poundland – Everything £1!)



I also got some Satin Tape. Not entirely sure what it is, but wanted to try it out!


I also got these gloves that you can wear and don’t have to take them off to type on your phone! (I’ve only now realised that they say men’s gloves. Oh well!)

Then I got these foam hair roller thingys. Apparently these are quite good…


I also got a mini hairbrush (for my school bag).



Now onto Asda – or Shmasda (name that reference!)


Firstly, I got some fairy lights for my den (den tour coming soon). They were £4.


Onto clothes!


Firstly, I got these pj tops. They are white and grey and cost £6.

Then I got a grey workout T-shirt which says Exercise (which is crossed out) Eat Cake. I love this! It was £6.

Finally, I got this criss-cross white shirt. It was £12.


What  is the equivalent of Poundland where you live? Let me know in the comments below!


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 😃

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