What’s in my Handbag πŸ‘œ ~ Spring Edition

Published April 14, 2017 by I Blog

So, I’ve decided to do a what’s in my handbag!


If you want to see what’s in my school bag, you can see it here.

Hope you enjoy!


So, this is my handbag. It’s from animal.


Firstly, let’s get into the front pocket!


Firstly, I have a Leekes receipt and a Fruitella wrapper. Yep… I don’t know why I have them…


I also have a 20p.

Oh, and a Barry M lipstick in the shade Genie and a MAC lipstick in the shade Real Doll.

Oh, and a wrapper.



Now, onto the main pocket;


Firstly, I have a packet of Β Fruitella. These are so good



Next I have my purse. Obvs.


And Β my keys. With a pompom poof.


I also have a lot of wrappers. Yeah…

And a pack of Fruit Pastilles. So much food…


I also have my old phone case. I have good reasons…



And my epi-pens! You know, it’s a necessity.


I also have my sunglasses. I love them!


And a mini de-fuzzer/ roller thingy.


Oh, and my phone!

And a hair bobble..


Now, onto the inside pocket…


I have a weird receipt and a Soap And Glory Hand Food hand cream.


So that was it! Would you like to see another one soon? Let me know in the comments below!


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