GURWM 2016 Edition – Blogoween day 14

Published October 14, 2016 by I Blog

Hey guys. So today I’m doing an updated GURWM. If you don’t know what a GURWM is, it means






AKA my night time routine.

If you want to see my old GURWM, you can view it here:


So, anyway, let’s get Craka-laking!


So, first of all, I usually have a bath or a shower.

Next (if I’m wearing makeup) I apply the Boots essentials fragrance free cleansing lotion to take off my makeup, then I use the Simple eye makeup remover.

Then I use the Clinique Anti-blemish solutions 3-step system. This helps get rid of spots, which I have a plot of (I think that I may have acute acne). I use 2 pumps of the cleansing foam. Then I take the clarifying lotion and apply some to my face using a cotton bud. Finally, I use the all over face cleansing treatment.


After that, I brush my teeth using the Aquafresh toothpaste.


Finally I apply some lip balm and hand cream to help with my dry lips and dry hands. (99% of the time, it’s Zoella)

What products do use at night time?


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