TGI Fridays review

Published July 28, 2016 by I Blog



So, today I wanted to do a food review. If you would like to see more food reviews, please like this post.

I ordered an Oreo Milkshake.


It was delicious! I ordered 2 throughout my meal. The Milkshake was THAT good!


Then I got some cheesy breadcrumb parcels.

They were very nice and the cheese was nicely melted.


For my main meal I ordered a cheeseburger. It was good quality meat, a deliciously glazed bun and 2 cheese varieties! It also came with some chips (aka Fries to my American readers).


Dad Blogs got some steak, vegetables and chips.

Mum Blogs got some chicken Fajitas.


Have you been to TGI Fridays? What’s your favourite meal?


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 😃

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