Caerphilly and Cosmeston

Published May 1, 2016 by I Blog

Hello Guys!


Just in case you didn’t know, Caerphilly a Castle and Cosmeston Medieval Villiage are in Wales.


Note: FB=Friend Blogs

BFB= Best Friend Blogs

E = Mr.E

I recently went on a school trip.

First we went to Caerphilly Castle.


I bought

  1. A Catapult shaped sharpener (it’s a working catapult)
  2. A canon (Not worth the money,  doesn’t do anything)
  3. A feather pen.
  4.  A castle shaped pencil topper with a pencil
  5. A purole swirly pencil
  6. Gummy Bears


Caerphilly Castle was epic!

We were just in time to see the epic red dragon exhibit for Saint David’s Day.

When we got there I was put in a group with FB, E and BFB. YAY!


So, I am like deadly afraid of 3 things! 1) SPIDERS 2) Heights 3)bridges. Guess what?! There are like a bajillion bridges there! That’s just brilliant! When we went over the first massive bridge with holes inbetween the floor boards, I think I bruised E’s arm! I was clinging on sooooo tight to it! Sorry E! E was very understanding though, and whenever we went over a bridge, she would say “Don’t look down! Squeeze my arm if you’re worried! Just don’t look down!” That just really calmed me down and I wasn’t so scared. If you are out there E, THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!


Then we saw the dragon for the first time! It was epic! More about that later.


So, then we went over another bridge (sorry E!!!) and we were in the Inner Bailey

It was epic! Soooo EPIC!!!!


There was a tower that leant more than the leaning tower of pizza!

We went all throughout the castle. It was amazing!

I really didn’t like the spiral staircases though!


Did you know that the staircases all spiral the same way? It’s so attackers can’t hit you but you can hit them.


The staircases were ho-


Hi, It’s BFB! I stole this off I Blog!

I have something to say  one; it is very hard to type on a bus, two; I’m going to steal I Blog’s multicoloured gel pen AND I officially love Caerphilly!

Should probably give this back to I Blog whilst I steal her multicoloured pen – Even if it has run out the front door

Best Friend Blogs A Little Bit If Everything 💩


Hello, it’s me! Mr. E!

How’s your day?



That’s my fave emoji!




Mr. E 🕵




Hi, it’s Freind Blogs.

We have just got back to school and I was stuck next to weird photo mad people. PLUS I FEEL ILL!

This is an epic emoji















Friend Blogs A Little Bit Of Everything 😈




Hi, It’s Best Friend Blogs (Again),

I wonder why my friends are so strange (JK)! Freind Blogs is eating orange jelly – IN CLASS! Addict much? (JK, again) Ok, so, yes I’m planning a surprise attack in the night for that awesome pen! Walking up the school drive is also very difficult typing conditions.




Best Freind Blogs A Little Bit Of Everything  💩




So, it’s me, I Blog again!

So, anyway.


Then we went up loads of stairs!


My friends are epic and sandwiched me between them so I couldn’t fall!


Thank you guys!


So, then we went to the shop. I told you what I bought earlier.

Then we went on the roof!


I loved it on the roof!

Even though I’m afraid of heights.


FB was flinging gummy bears at me with her catapult.



Then we went to Cosmeston Medieval Villiage.

There are a lot more facts in this bit.


First we had lunch.

We ate all of my gummy bears.


I was in a group with the man.

Then we went on a bridge-y thing-y.

The medieval Villiage was epic!


The girls were freemen and the boys were slaves.


Did you know that Caerphilly Castle was originally in Cosmeston Medieval Villiage?


Then we went into the Peasant’s house. It stank! FB said that it was smoke. The peasants had to live in a house with the animals off their farm! They made a lot of money selling animal poo because it acted as cement. They also thought that animal wee could cure plague, so, they covered themselves in it.


Did you know that after 21 days, wee becomes hair bleach?


Then we went to the Freemen’s house.


Did you know that people had to inspect alcohol testers bums?!


The  alcohol always look on the steel and something was put over it (e.g. an apron). Then the alcohol test sat on the alcohol. Then after five minutes themed see if the bum hat stuck to the stool.  This was to check the sugar content.


Of corse, they used my name to demonstrate! ‘So, someone would look at I Blog’s bum…’ Thanks for that!


Did you know that chess was the ‘in’ thing in the Middle Ages? But, here’s the thing, each piece could only move 1 space at a time!


Did you know that when you made white bread you had to sieve  the flour 16 times?!


Did you know that white bread was arkund 8p and brown bread was around 4p?

That way, the peasants could only afford brown bread! They were more healthy though!


Did you know that they had medieval credit cards? It was a stick with a mark for each pence they owed. After they paid, their stick was cut in half. The perfect receipt.


Then we went to the slaughter house- eww!

I wont tell you much about that!


Did you know that if pigs die scared, they release a drug into their bodies that humans can taste?! That’s why butchers used to give pigs alcohol so that they were hammered, happy, and didn’t know what was happening!


Did you know that we can’t die of plague?! Our DNA is altered because our ancestors survived it.


Then they hey put on a show.


Did you know that they used to push arrows into the ground?

Every time they moved position, they had to move every single arrow!


Did you know that peasants HAD to do 40 days and 40 nights army service? By the time they had reached their destination, they had done their service and could go home! To solve this problem, the King payed the soldiers 4p a day.


There was a special sort of archer helmet designed so that you couldn’t look up. This is so arrows don’t hit your head.


Knoghts used to hide their faces and cower away in battle as they ran.


The Knights couldn’t breath through their helmets. They had to take them off to breathe. This is where the salute comes from because they’d only take their helmets off when facing important people.


If you are shot by an arrow close by, it zig-zags all around you and leaves an ‘s’ in your body. If it’s further away, it twists and leaves a circle.


I hope you enjoyed this factual post!


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 😃


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