What’s on my iPhone 2016

Published March 19, 2016 by I Blog

Hey guys!


So, I’m doing a what’s on my iPhone post.


On my first page I have (top to bottom, left to right).


The App Store (obvs), Calender (obvs), Calculator (obvs),  Camera (obvs), Clock (obvs), Contacts (obvs), FaceTime (obvs),  Maps (obvs), Photos (obvs), Settings (obvs),  Videos (obvs) and Whatsapp.


On my second page I have:

Compass (obvs), Find Friends, Find iPhone, Game Center (obvs), Health (obvs), iBooks (obvs), iTunes Store (obvs),  Music (obvs), News (obvs), Notes (obvs), Podcasts (obvs), Reminders (obvs), Stocks (obvs), Tips (obvs), Voice Memos (obvs), Walket (obvs), Watch (obvs) and Weather (obvs).


On my third and final page I have:

Cute Animals (aww) and Elf yourself.


On my bottom bar I have:

Mail, Messages, Phone and Safari.


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 😃







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