Camera haul~ Camera Mondays Episode 1

Published February 18, 2016 by I Blog

Hello World,


So, I’m a camera fanatic! I love, love, love (love) cameras!


So, here are some that I’ve had over the years that I like/ still use (or some new ones!)




A pink Vivitar DVR S1ON

With a 4GB SD card

It takes 4 triple A (AAA) batteries. I think it came with the SD card but I’m not sure. It has a USB stick that pops out of the side so you can stick it into a computer.




My Panasonic TZ60 LUMIX camera. It is black. I got it for Christmas last year (2015). It came with a CD/DVD and a white cloth cover. I also got a tecno bag for Christmas. This camera says that it has built in memory, but actually that is only 1 photo, so, I bought a 32 GB SanDisk HD SD card. This camera is from Jessops.



I also got 2 tripods for that camera, a mini grey one from Jessops (£5) and a large tripod (£12), also from Jessops. I also got a tecno tripod bag. That came free with the big tripod.



I also got some memory sticks for my camera. I got the blue one from Tesco for about £8 and it’s 8GB. I got the owl one on Amazon. I am not sure how much it was. It is 16GB.




Then there is my Polaroid P 600. It used to be my Mums. But, we found it in the garage yesterday and my dad gave it to me. But, I need to by some film for this.


Do you have a camera?

Let me know in the comments below!


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 😃

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