Lost in London

Published January 31, 2016 by I Blog

Hello World,


So, on Friday, I went on  a school trip to London!


So, we went to the Natural History Museum and the Houses of Parliament.


That was fun.


So, I’ll tell you what happened;


I woke up at 5am and got ready for school. It was non school uniform.

I was in school by 5:50am ready to leave at 6am. But, we didn’t leave until like 6:20!


So, when we did leave I was talking to Best Friend Blogs A Little Bit Of Everything and Mr.E who were sat behind me. Sadly there was some confusion and Friend Blogs couldn’t come!  😱😭


So, we were going for ages and then we stopped at a services.

I went to Costa and bought 2 babychinos and a blueberry muffin.

Then Mr.E went to the Costa Express in WHSmiths and bought a regular sized caramel hot chocolate. In WHSmiths, she also bought 2 TUBES OF SMARTIES!!!!

Now, if you are wondering what is wrong with Smarties, well, on the bus on the way to the services, I had 1 of those extra-large tubes for Christmas. Well, I offered them round and Mr.E took about half of the tub! And she had 2 red ones! THE RED ONES MAKE HER SUPER HYPER, but, regular ones only make her hyper.

Then, we somehow stumbled into M&S and Me and Best Friend Blogs bought some Percy Pigs.

So, the story about that is that whenever we go on a school trip, I bring Percy Pigs. And we usually eat them before the trip has actually started! 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

However, our favourites are Rosy Noses but they had run out of them!🐽🐽🐽🐽🐽

Then we got back on the bus and sure enough, we ate the Percy Pigs within like 20 minutes!

Then we did a quiz about chocolates!

It was really fun!

On the way I was reading a new book on my kindle called the Rainbow Beauty Peppermint Kiss book whilst listening to my iPod nano.

Then we got yo the Natural History Museum and we were allowed to break off into small groups. I was in a group with Best Friend Blogs and Mr.E.

First we went to this big gem room. That was cool. But Best Friend Blogs was so excited they she spent like 30 minutes taking photos in there!

Then we told her that we’d come back later because we don’t want to miss everything.

Then we went to some of the small downstairs exhibits.

We were meant to see a certain exhibit but we didn’t know where it was! So, we went (well, by we I meant I spoke, and the other 2 were just there,) and asked a guy that worked there. I said “Excuse me, do you know where the Education exhibit is?” Then he said “Well which one?”                                                    So, I turned to Best a Friend Blogs “Did Miss say which one?”  “No, I don’t think so.”

So, I said “Our teacher just said the Education exhibit.”

And he said “Well  they’re all educational exhibits! I would suggest starting in the basement and working your way up.”


So, we decided to set off and find the basement. Well, I turned around and said to Best Friend Blogs “Where’s Mr.E?”

Now, Best Friend Blogs thought that Mr.E was behind her. She wasn’t!

Now, the big, massive, ginormous problem was that Mr.E had given Best Friend Blogs her phone because it was down to 12% and Mr.E had no pockets. So, Best Friend Blogs asked if Mr.E wanted her to put it in her pocket and Mr.E had said yeah, go on then!

So, Mr.E was missing, she had no phone and had no way of telling the time!

So, me and Best Friend Blogs walked around for a bit looking for her and shouting her name.

Then we had a sudden revelation, she was probably in the gift shop! She had said earlier that she had wanted to go to the gift shop and we’d said that we’ll go at the end.

Sure enough, she was in the gift shop!

We went mad on her and said that it was fine for her to wander off in school, but not in a massive museum! And that we had almost phoned miss!

(Misd gave us her number in case of an emergerpncy.)

Then Mr.E went “Sorry!”

Land we were like, “No, Mr.E, don’t ‘Sorry!’ us! You wandered off in a massive museum! You can’t do that! We light said to each other that if you weren’t here, in the gift shop then we would phone Miss!”

So, then we went in the gift shop and bought some stuff since we were there and Mr.E was like “Ohh, can’t we just go?!”

Then Best Friend Blogs said “No, you were the one that wanted to come here, so we are doing the gift shop now!”

Then, of course, she wandered off again! Luckily, this time she had her phone!


So, I bought 2 matching blue pencils, I bought one for me and one for friend blogs.   Then I bought my dad a toy dinosaur for his birthday  because he was telling me  that when he was younger he lived quite close to there   And every time he went his grand parents  bought him a toy dinosaur. And then  I bought teeny Rubiks cube  with dinosaurs on it.


Then I went to pay and that was when I realised that Mr.E had wandered off!

Then Best Friend Blogs (BFB for short ) told me that Mr.E had wandered off and that she had seen her on the upstairs balcony by the gift shop.

But, sure enough, she wasn’t there anymore! So, I tried to phone her and it turns out that she was behind a display case in the shop with stuff on it.

Then we went to that exhibit near the gift shop that went all around and above the gift shop. It was very fun!


Then we went to some more exhibits.


Then after we’d seen all of the exhibits, of course, we had to go back to the gift shop for Mr.E.


Now, Mr.E brought £20 and spent and spent £12 in the Natural History Museum!


Then, all of my school met up by the big dinosaur in the lobby.


Then we went outside. We crossed over the road and then our teacher said “Right ????? ( ?????= name of school) school, we will meet back here at 10 to 3 so that we can walk to the bus together, is that understood? Now, go, explore, buy some lunch, you have 2 hours, off you go!”

Now, the big sign outside of our school reception said in big bold letters;


Bus leaves at 6

Bring Packed lunch

Non School Uniform’

And now they are just telling us to buy lunch!


Now, I’m not being funny, but I am a  year 7 and they just gave us free reign to go around London for 2 hours!

So, we sat outside this sushi place, you know the outdoor seats? And we were fine for about 10 minutes, then a waitress noticed us!


She said to us “Excuse me, but this area is for customers! It is part of our resteraunt!”

So, we got kicked out!


By now it was tipping with rain, not just the little drizzle from before!


So, we were wandering areound and eventually phoned miss. We explained to miss that we had been kicked out and she’d said try buying a drink from somewhere and they will probably let you stay.

Well, we didn’t listen to that!

We just sat on a wall that was soaking and ate lunch!


Well, there was still a full hour left!


So, we went in some shops!


We went to the South Kensinkton station tunnel-y bit.

Then we went into the London underground museum and I bought a pencil.


Then we went in and out of shops pretending that we were going to buy something.


Then, eventually, it was 2:50 and we met up with the group!


Then we got on the bus to go the the Houses Of Parliament!


That was a-may-zing!


When we went in there it was soooooooooo cool!


They gave us cool passes!


But then, we had to empty our pockets and this machine had to scan our bags!


My heart was in my mouth at this point because I carry an epi-pen! (I’ll explain later)


And I was worried that it would set off some sort of alarm!


But it didn’t, so it was ok!


But, BFB was soooooooooo embarrassed because she had a hanger in her coat pocket! And she had to put that on this conveyor belt thingy!


Then we did this big tour!


Then we went into the gift shop BFB had to pay for Mr.E because Mr.E only had £8 left for dinner!


I got 2 postcards, one for Mum blogs and one for Dad blogs.

5 pencils, 4 for me and one for friend blogs.

And a rubber for me.


Then we went back home! We stopped off in a services on the way back to buy dinner!


Me, BFB and Mr.E went to Costa (lavista baby!) and I got a panini, and they got tosties!

Then we all got small Mango Passion Fruit coolers and I bought another babychino!


Then we got back on the bus.


Then BFB said “Hey, the cooler fits perfectly in the drink holder!”

So I put it in there and it didn’t fit, so I turned around to her and said that it didn’t fit. Then she said “I know, I was joking!”

So I turned around and it fell out of the drink holder and when it hit the floor it cracked! The juice went everywhere!

It was mega-cringe!


I’ll post some pics soon!


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 😃


3 comments on “Lost in London

  • Like the book – though kind of unfortunately; it was all true!

    And yes I know you are all wondering- yes, I do still have the mini coat hanger in my coat pocket!

    And yes, I was really embarrassed by this because there were 6th formers behind me! AND everyone saw and questioned me about why I had a coat hanger in my pocket! CRINGE!!!!

    Best Friend Blogs A Little Bit Of Everything 💩

    Liked by 1 person

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