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Published December 28, 2015 by I Blog

Hello World,


So, just let me say that I’m sorry that this post is sooooo late!

These bath bombs are from the Halloween half term!

I’m so so sorry that I haven’t published it yet!


I’ll give you the name, type (Bath bomb, Bath melt, Bubble bar, etc) and product description.

So, I’ll just delve right in and tell you what I’ve bought:


imageSTAR DUST – Bath Bomb – A sweet-scented festive bomb to bring Santa’s Christmas presence to your bath.

Launch into your bath and watch it fizz away.

Contains rosewood oil, vanilla and bergamot oil.


imageFIVE GOLD RINGS – Bubble Bar – Forget a partridge in a pear tree. Crumble these five sparkling rings under running water for baths packed with comforting Fair Traid vanilla.

Contains Tonka, vanilla, benzoin and gardenia extract.


imageimageSNOW ANGEL – Bath melt – Rich in moisturising cocoa butter, with a delicate marzipan scent, this blend of rose, benzoin and cassie absolute treats winter skin to a softening floral soak.

Drop into your bath water to release a magical Christmas scene.

Contains rose, benzoin, cassie and cocoa.


imageBAR HUMBUG – Bubble Bar – It’s all humbug, I tell you. Humbug!

Crumble this bar under running water for a relaxing antidote of cleansing tarragon and relaxing fennel; it’s a safe haven for Scrooges.

Contains bergamot, fennel and tarragon.


imageSHOOT FOR THE STARS- Bath Bomb – Paint the swirling colours of the night skies over the surface of your bath.

Launch into your bath water and watch it swoop and spin.

Contains Brazzilion orange and Bergamot.


 imageSPARKLY PUMPKIN – Bubble Bar – A Warming and Cheerful bubble bar to add sparkle to cold nights.

Crumble the bar under running water for mountains of bubbles.

Contains Juniperberry, lime and grapefruit.

All year round baths

imageGRANNY TAKES A DIP – Bubble Bar – Drop into your bath to create an unforgettable iridescent O.A.P (One Amazing Pattern).

Ginger, pepper and lemon scents for an explosion of fragrance.

Self-preserving and SUITABLE FOR VEGANS.

Contains Lemon, black pepper and ginger.

imagePINK FLAMINGO – Reusable Bubble Bar – Birds of a feather bathe together! Slip into something more fruity with this cocktail-inspired reusable bubble bath filled with fragrant rosewood and ylang ylang.

Let the bubbles flow!

Contains rosewood, cocoa butter and ylang ylang.

imageSUNNYSIDE – Bubble Bar – Hold your bar under running water to bathe in wondrous liquid gold, scented with sweet wild orange and lemon oils to brighten the spirits.

Self-preserving and suitable for vegans.

Contains tangerine, lemon and sweet wild orange.

imageTWILIGHT – Bath Ballistic – Run yourself the perfect temperature bath, get in and take a moment to let go of the world outside your bathroom, before launching your ballistic into the water and watch it fizz away.

Contains tonka, lavender, ylang ylang and benzoin.

imageSAKURA – Bath Bomb – How to use: Drop into your bath and watch it fizz away.

Contains lemon, orange flower absolute, mimosa absolute and jasmine absolute.

imageTISTY TOTSY – Bath Ballistic – This ballistic is a love spell. Fill the bath, get in, hold the ballistic in your hands whilst contemplating your chosen one, lower into the water to unleash it’s powerful magic.

Watch the 7 rose buds emerg from the swirling potion and count your way to a budding romance.

Contains  –  rose absolute, rose buds, geranium and jasmine absolute.

What is your favourite lush product?

Let me know in the comments below!

I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 😃

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