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Hello World,


If you don’t know what a GURWM is, it’s a







So, I show you the products I use at night time.


I’ll leave some pics of the products below.


So, first I have a bath or a shower.

Then I get into my comfy PJs.

Then I pull my hair back with a bandana.

Then I take some of my Boots eye makeup remover and apply it to my eyes with a Bootsย everyday value cotton bud.

I use the thick side to spread the cream over my eyes and the narrow end to go right into the spot by my lashes.

After that I rinse the cream off my eyes.

Next I take my Boots cleanser and a cotton pad (or a bit of (unused) toilet roll if I have run out of cotton pads) and rub it all around my face.

Then I sit down and read my book (Isle of the Lost) for 5 minutes while the cleanser soaked in.

After that I rinse off my cleanser.

Finally I brush my teeth using Aquafresh toothpaste.


I hope that this has been helpful to you in some shape or form.


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5 comments on “GURWM

  • Cool!
    I can’t honestly say that I do all that though!
    I’m a bit more lazy but it’s a great way to relaxxxxxxxxxxxxx……….

    Best Friend Blogs A Little Bit Of Everything ๐Ÿ’ฉ

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