Blogmas Day 17 – French Christmas quiz 🎄

Published December 17, 2015 by I Blog

Hello World,


All of you in France will have a bit of an advantage here ‘cos I am doing a French Christmas word quiz!


In my French lesson in school we did this quiz, so I am sharing it with you!


All you have to do is match the French phrase (the numbers) with the English translation (the letters).


Okay, so;


  1. Un bonhomme de neige.
  2. le père noël.
  3. un sapin de noël.
  4. les trios rois.
  5. une ètoile.
  6. un renne.
  7. le gui.
  8. un dinde.
  9. il neige.
  10. une boule de neige.
  11. une carte de noël.
  12. un bad de noël.
  13. une bûche de noël.
  14. un traineau.
  15. la guirlande.
  16. le houx.
  17. les cadeaux.
  18. une èglise.


a) Santa

b) a Christmas tree

c) reindeer

d) The turkey

e) a snowball

f) a stocking

g) a sled

h) holly

i) a church

j) the presents

k) garland

l) Yule log

m) Christmas card

n) it’s snowing

o) mistletoe

p) a star

q) the 3 kings

r) a snowman.


In school I did this with Friend Blog A Little Bit Of Everything and Mr.E (I am calling all of my other friends Mr.E).

But in school we didn’t have the words in English. We just had to guess what they were.

We guessed;

  1. ?
  2. ?
  3. A Spanish Christmas / The Christmas Card.
  4. The 3 Kings.
  5. A mistletoe.
  6. The reindeer
  7. ?
  8. The dinner
  9. it’s snowing
  10. Snowman – good man of the snow
  11. ?
  12. ?
  13. ?
  14. The tree/ The presents.
  15. The garland
  16. The holly.
  17. Some candles/ the crackers.
  18. The church.


So go on!


Guess in the comments!


I’ll be posting the answers on Christmas Eve!


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 😃


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