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Hello World,

Do you ever feel really clumsy?

Like really, really clumsy?

Well, you have nothing to fear!

You are nowhere near as clumsy as me!


Today, it was raining! So, there was water in the corridor off people’s shoes.


As I was walking down the corridor, I slipped on some water.

Then I almost fell into this boy that goes to Best Friend Blogs A Little Bit Of Everything’s Judo club!


Then, after school, my friend, we’ll call her Mr.E (mystery, get it?)

So, she said, “Will one of you guys please come with me, ‘cos I left my bag in my reg class?!” So, me and Best Friend Blogs and I went with her.


We have a drive in our school, to get to school. On the way out of school, people have to also walk on the bit that cars go on, so that everyone gets out on time.

Since we hadn’t made it to the top, we just turned around and started walking back to school.

Well, the teacher’s cars were coming towards us, so we had to duck under the fence.

Our fence is weird, ‘cos there is a bar in the middle of it. You know what I mean?

So, Mr.E and Best Friend Blogs went over that bar, but of course, I went under it.


when I got home after that, I fount that I’d ripped 2 holes in the knees of my leggings (where they got stuck on the tarr-y pavement-y thing,) my knees were grazed (from the tarr-y pavement-y thing,) and I had bruised my chin (from when my bag had gotten stuck on the fence and when I was trying to get it unstuck and I hit my chin on the tar-y pavement-y thing!)


What is the clumsiest thing that you have ever done?

Post it in the comments below!

We won’t laugh!

And, other readers can be comforting! And give you advice!


So, go on!

share your clumsy moments!

I have!


I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything πŸ˜ƒ

2 comments on “Clumsiness

  • Yep, I’m really clumsy!!!



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