Holiday Haul 🎃⛄️🎉

Published October 4, 2015 by I Blog

Hello World!


So, today I went to The Range, I bought some Christmas bits, some Halloween bits and just some random bits!


imageA lovely name card holder, I use these as picture frames. In the shape of a heart, this photo/card holder was priced at £1!

imageNext I bought another card/photo holder. This crystal photo/card holder was priced at £1:59!

image These polystyrene balls can be used for lots of different crafts, and priced at just £2:50, how could I refuse?


imageA spooktacular (spooky spectacular, get it?) spiderweb purple bow is the perfect decoration for any house. Priced at just 79p, it’s a mega bargain buy!

image This adorable little mosaic owl is perfect for crafty Halloween enthusiasts! Also available as a witch or bat, this owl is priced at £1:99!

imageFor all you minion fans, we have a minion Halloween colouring set! Priced at £1:50, this set is fangtastic! (Fang-tastic, get it?)

imageThis pair of creeptacular (creep-tacular, get it?) light up pumpkin earrings is a Halloween must have! Another bargain buy at 89p!

imageThis pair of screme eggs are a delicious Halloween treat. Priced at 69p each, or £1 for 2, who could refuse? (Trick or treat? Um… Treat, treat and, hmm, TREAT!)


image Mum Blogs A Little Bit Of Everything (my Mum) bought 2 Christmas cushions, priced at £7:99 each.

So, have some very happy holidays, whereever you are in the world!

Are you dressing up for Halloween? If you are, let me know in the comments below what you are dressing up as, why not even include a photo?

I Blog A Little Bit Of Everything 😃

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