My Blue Peter Badges?

Published May 20, 2018 by I Blog


Long time no talk!

So, today I’m talking to you about a strongly British thing; Blue Peter Badges.

If you have never heard of Blue Peter, it is a British programme with a variety of genres in it, like DIYs, challenges, etc.

What is a BP (Blue Peter) badge?

A BP badge is the highest honour that can be bestowed upon a young Brit. You can earn one if you are between the ages of 6 and 15. A BP badge is a badge that you have to apply for. Only BP fans can get BP badges.

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UK Eurovision Entry Interrupted

Published May 12, 2018 by I Blog

Eurovision is an amazing time for all countries participating, but what happens when an act gets interrupted?


That’s exactly what happened to the U.K. tonight.


SuRie’s performance was interrupted tonight by a male wearing a bandana. He ran onto stage and stole SuRie’s microphone.

Although it is unsure exactly what he said, it has been reported that he ran onto the stage shouting “Nazis of the U.K. Media, we demand freedom “.


The backing teack rack kept playing whist SuRie began clapping to the beat before being promptly handed another microphone.


The UK was offered another chance to perform, but SuRie declined, presumably due to the shock. It has been confirmed that SuRie is okay by @Eurovision on twitter.


There have been several tweets asking about SuRie’s well-being and how lax security was. There have also been several tweets saying how he could’ve been carrying a weapon.


Serious props to SuRie to carrying on singing in this problematic time. And good luck to her


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