Xaphoon Unboxing!

Published July 7, 2018 by I Blog

Hey guys!


Today, we’re unboxing a xaphoon! Yay!


You might be wondering though, what actually *is* a xaphoon? Well, a xaphoon (pronounced zaffoon) is a bit like a recorder, crossed with a saxophone, crossed with a clarinet.

If you want to know more, click here.

So, yeah! Let’s get into the unboxing!

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Every Day Review

Published July 6, 2018 by I Blog

Hello again!

So, today I’m reviewing the book Every Day by David Levithan

Okay, so I mainly bought this book out of sheer intrigue. I’ve never seen the film (or even heard of it before I read the book).

The blurb really enticed me.

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DIY Lamp Shade

Published June 30, 2018 by I Blog

Hey guys!

Today I’m here with a DIY post!

Today I’m showing you how to make a cute beaded lantern lampshade that literally costs £1.50!

Okay, so you will need:

A paper lantern lamp shade (I got mine from IKEA for £1.50).

Some beads.


That’s it! This is the easiest DIY ever!

Okay, so, you want to take your paper lantern and your beads.

Then, you’re going to want to put a dot of glue on the paper lantern.

And stick a bead on it.

You’re going to want to repeat this all over your lantern. I also added a ring of beads around the edge because… why not?

Then, you want to pop up your lantern to make sure that you haven’t missed a spot.

Make sure your completely happy, then, it’s ready to put up!

Voila! Easy!

Do you have any other really easy DIYs? Let me know in the comments below!

I Blog xxx

Wreck This Journal 7

Published June 27, 2018 by I Blog

Hello guys!

Today I’m here with another WTJ post!


Although, this one is going to be a little bit different… as, I’m only actually doing one page. IK… kinda weird, but, I thought that today, I’d actually show you my sketching process, so here goes!

Today we’re doing the Eat Some Colourful Candy, Lick This Page page. I ate a malteaser, although, it didn’t show up to well, so, I had to go over the stain with pen.

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How To Make A Revision Mind Map

Published June 23, 2018 by I Blog

Hey guys!


Today I’m showing you how to make a revision mind map! You may have seen these in my last post.


Okay, so, firstly, I’m taking a highlighter and writing the title. You can either do it on a specific thing (eg, I do separate ones for maths, like one for Pythagoras, on for circles, etc) or the name of your module. I’ve put chemical reactions 2 as it is the name of my module that I’m studying in Chemistry.

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Why I Chose To Do GCSE Food Tech.

Published June 23, 2018 by I Blog

Yas! Guys, check this post out! Explains a lot

I Bake A Little Bit Of Everything


So, I’m taking GCSE food and nutrition.

Today’s going to be a bit of a ramble post about why I chose it. This post will *hopefully* give you some help if you’re thinking about Food tech GCSE.

So, I’m in tear 9 right now in a school in South Wales. I start my GCSE courses next year and one of those courses is Food and Nutrition.

So, why did I chose food?

To be honest, I was either going to chose Food and Nutrition or Music. I really thought about it, and in the end, I chose Food because I do music outside of school and the course is majorly about composition (which I’m bad at).

So, what does Food involve?

I also chose Food because of the exam. I really, really hate exams. And the exam in Food is slightly less formal where you write 30 sides of…

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