DNA Review ~ Theatre ThursPLAYS #001

Published July 29, 2021 by I Blog

Hello everyone!

So, it is officially the first episode of Theatre ThursPLAYS, the segment where I review play scripts and give my general thoughts on them!

On tonight’s episode, we’re taking a look at the play DNA by Dennis Kelly!


A group of teenagers do something bad, really bad, then panic and cover the whole thing up. But when they find that the cover-up unites them and brings harmony to their otherwise fractious lives, where’s the incentive to put things right? DNA is a poignant and, sometimes, hilarious tale with a very dark heart.

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☀️ Summer Bucket List 2021 ☀️

Published July 23, 2021 by I Blog

Hello Everyone!

So, as I am *officially* on summer break from school (as of last Monday), I decided to make a summer bucket list in order to make sure that I actually accomplish things this summer, 😂.

I’ve got fifteen items on my bucket list for this year and I though that it would be fun to share them with you guys!

So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Write Poetry

I started really getting into poetry last year when we were in quarantine, but I literally haven’t written anything in my poetry journal for MONTHS! So, I really want to write more poetry this summer (maybe I’ll even share some poems).

Get Blue Roses In Animal Crossing

I really really want to get Blue Roses in Animal Crossing. For anyone who doesn’t play, blue roses are the HARDEST flower to get in ACNH, and I DESPERATELY want them!

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Introducing… Theatre ThursPLAYS

Published July 22, 2021 by I Blog

Hello Everyone!

So, this is an idea that I’ve been toying with for a while now. I love plays! I love reading plays and I really want to do a whole segment on the blog all about them! Hence, the new segment of the blog; Theatre ThursPLAYS.

Depending on how long you’ve been here, you may remember the segment called Theatre Thursdays, where I talk about all things theatre. Theatre ThursPLAYS is going to fall under the Theatre Thursdays bracket too. So, on Thursdays there may be theatre content or play reviews!

Also, I just want to clarify that there WILL NOT be a Theatre ThursPLAYS post every week as I do not read enough plays for that, haha. But there will (hopefully) be at least one every month! So stay tuned!

I’m excited to start the Theatre ThursPLAYS reviews!

See you soon!

I Blog xxx

Finally, I read some good books ~ June Wrap-Up 2021

Published July 19, 2021 by I Blog

*Please ignore the fact that it is the middle of July and I am only now writing my June Wrap-Up*

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry that my last post was like half a month ago and in that post I literally said that I was making my return.

I promise that I am back, and that there will be way more posts from me in the coming months! I am officially on summer break now, which means plenty of time for writing!

Anywho, I thought I would begin my writing return by doing my June wrap-up because I actually read some books this month and they were actually good!

I’ve been in like a crazy big reading slump for most of the year and it looks like I’ve finally gotten my mojo back, which is stunning!

So, without further ado, let’s talk about some books!

Throughout the month, I listened to the audiobooks of the Odds Series by Amy Ignatow. This trilogy comprises of The Mighty Odds, Against The Odds, and Odds and Ends, and follows a group of kids who accidentally get super… okayish-powers, such as being able to teleport… four inches to the left…

What do you get when you mix a sci-fi nerd, a cartoonist, a social outcast, and the most popular girl in school with a mysterious bus crash? Some very specific–and mighty odd–superpowers. Martina can change her eye color; Nick can teleport four inches to the left; Farshad can develop super strength, but only in his thumbs; and Cookie can read minds, when those minds are thinking about directions. Starring a diverse group of kids, this series’ multiple narrators make for a quirky, contemporary read that tackles identity and stereotypes!

This trilogy was literally stunning! I gave each book four stars, but collectively, it is a five star series! The characters are all amazing and the amount of diversity in these books is just to die for! There are so many important topics discussed and I was so pleasantly surprised by how much I loved them! Also, the audiobook narrator for these books is amazing and did such a phenomenal job! 10/10 I recommend!

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It’s My Sixth Bloggiversary?!

Published June 29, 2021 by I Blog

Hello all of you amazing, iconic, stunning people!

So, today is a very special day for me because…. IT’S MY SIXTH BLOGGIVERSARY! *confetti*

I just really want to begin by saying a super huge THANK YOU to every single one of you out there that is reading and enjoying my content. I know that this may sound cliche, but I am genuinely so grateful for every person reading this right now! I genuinely love and appreciate every single one of you for helping me to make this special little corner of the internet!

And, this might also be seriously cliche, but I really want to take some time and look at the past year that we’ve had together!

In July, we were in the height of the coronavirus pandemic and honestly, I feel like the whole situation was starting to get to me (and many others), so my favourite post of that month was my Ten Things That I’ve Been Loving Recently as I got to just talk about a lot of stuff that I was passionate about and spread some positivity in this hard time.

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